The Campaign of Evolve


In the Campaign do u play as the monster? or the hunter’s just curious :smile:


True question would be “What about a campaign mod…? Some infos ? Does it exist?”


As far as we know, there will be no campaign. All story is designed to surface through character interactions in multiplayer play. That said, you can also play alone with bots and still get the story playing from any perspective you like.

That said, a campaign may be there and we just don’t know! There has been no word yet as far as I know.


I imagine there may be some sort of story mode, or at least a cinematic with some explanation


I’m pretty sure there is some sort of a story mode, even if it’s a long tutorial for each ‘character’/‘monster’. In the monster perhaps you break out of a facility and/or show why/how you ended up on Shear.


It is confirmed


It was? I don’t remember the post. I’ll have to do some looking around.


Not on the forums in a article just going full retard and can’t remember how to get to it


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Look to their history. Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 and CS. They said look at their history to get a idea. Which to me, means we will get a “story” during our gameplay. Levels will have some briefing like L4D when you load in, and with playing with other members you will get details.

For example you may hear some character back story before a drop or as you are running around looking for the monster.
Let’s not forget they also told a story based off level progression. As you completed level A and loaded into B it built off that narrative, and so on. This can be constituted as a “campaign”. So don’t expect something like COD or any other FPS where a singleplayer experience is a major draw.


I think most of the L4D story was well done in the use of writing on the safe house walls. Perhaps, bits of story get unlocked as you get achievements, trophies, and unlocks? But I firmly believe something akin to L4D story wise would happen.


That’s going to be the style. No reason to change a method that has worked for them for years.


Did anyone else notice that when he really got into talking about rendering the interviewer seemed to get way lost and not really understand what he was talking about :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel that journalism in general has gone down hill precisely because people ‘just report’. You don’t have people knowledgeable in their field of those they are interviewing. (For the most part)


Yeah, I guess I just find it funny because I have very little experience game development and I was able to follow what he said pretty easily. Everyone has holes in their knowledge though.


Yup, the problem is that some have holes like swiss cheese.


Even if it’s like the titanfall “campaign” I wouldn’t mind, a few extended dropship drop-off clips at the start of the matches with some dialogue would give plenty extra immersion (for myself anyway). :smile:

But obviously some people would still prefer a different style “campaign”/story mode to this