The "BvS - Dawn of Justice" parody trailer you never knew you needed


First one to find it will get a special something from me.


@ToiletWraith Does this go in the random thread? Sorry Azmi.


But this is a (parody)trailer video of a movie?


Changed the title to make it less click baity :slight_smile:


But it is completely random, even the video itself. I’m just suggesting, not stating. If it’s good to be it’s own thread I’m find with it.


I think it’s ok as its a movie parody trailer and can warrant its own topic. It is random though :stuck_out_tongue:


My thoughts exactly.


can weird have its own category?


Yeah i found the wrecking ball…

@Reinheardt should check this out


Why do the titles of these threads sound like buzzfeed articles.


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