The Bureau: XCOM Declassified free for 48 hours


Get it while it’s free. I heard it wasn’t great, but it’s also free :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it free forever, as in as long as I have it I can play it?


Download and it’s free forever, just need to get the key within that 48 hours.


Bleh. It’s decent as a standalone 3rd person shooter, pretty generic but not terrible. It’s the XCOM name slapped onto it that I take issue with.

But if it’s free, go for it I guess.


Ya it’s not bad, but I feel that th XCOM story is just the same thing over and over just with different ‘tech’. Which is a shame because I feel the overall mythos for XCOM is decent, but they keep repeating the same overall story :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said, XCOM 2 is at least different enough in story :slight_smile:


I think one of the best alien shooters is still that Area 51 game on OG Xbox.

Gonna go ahead and try this, though. Never bothered putting money into the Xcom games, but I might as well grab it while it’s free.


The recent 2 xcom games are actually pretty good :slight_smile: That being said, I’ve been playing this one and you can tell it’s clunky, but it’s not terrible like I remember hearing.


I’ll pass. I still have XCOM 2 to beat, an actual XCOM game.


Ayyy, savage.

Still. It’s free. No reason not to grab it, even if you never play it.


I love XCom 2. The first XCOM was pretty good and the second is a great sequel in that it changes enough to be fresh but stays at the core what XCOM is :slight_smile:


I have yet to beat War of the Chosen, have to get around to that at some point.


I remember playing this on PS3 when it came out, very shitty and generic shooter. The developers were pathetic assholes and tried absolutely nothing new, in fact the most annoying thing was the 2-weapon limitation just like COD because apparently the developers are so brain dead to think of something other than COD. Even in the E3 2011 trailers (when it was still a first-person shooter) you can tell it was COD just with XCOM theme slapped on it, extremely scripted and linear campaign, cover based, etc.

I regret every cent and time I spent on this soulless, lazy cash grab. I’m glad it sold very poorly and the studios behind this piece of shit closed.


So much potential


In the E3 2010 trailers it looked the best. From later interviews they said it was intended to be horror and similar to Silent Hill (don’t know how it would have turned out, but was very promising), then became a shitty COD clone in E3 2011 then finally becoming an even shittier game by being a COD clone YET third-person shooter.