The bug where your teammates get replaced with other people (logged)



I and my friends recently started playing this game and are having difficulties with a strange bug that kicks some of my friends out of the party and replaces them with other players. Is there some way to fix this? Because it is a very big annoyance.

When my friends get kicked it says on their screen “Lobby is full” and they get replaced


Came here to report that also.
It is kinda annoying


same here. issue is only gone when in a party of 4


for me it even exist in a party of 4 :c


Sorry you’re running into this issue, but we got it logged and been working on it. Hopefully it will come out to you all fast!


It occcurs mistly when your friend that is not the host starts changing the preferences or goes to his profile, then he get;s kicked for the time he does that. The bad thing is the TAB shortcout conflicts with steam SHIFT + TAB shortcut.


Since this has been logged and is in the works, I’m gonna go ahead and request a lock. Feel free to ask a mod to open it up again if need be. :slight_smile:



I couldn’t play with my friends last night. We were four persons, when I invited, they joined me, so, when I searched another players in hunt mode, when I searched a match, my friends dissapeared. they could read messages like: “conection lost”, “host conection failed”, “multiplayer session is out”, we tried play another one, we closed and re-opened the game but the bug persisted. We try five or six times. It was impossible. Game has expulsed my friends and it searched match only for me. Another of my friend created a match and he invited, but the same bug appear.

It’s a big bug because players can’t play. We love this game, but people don’t let that bugs, if they see that bug persist, they won’t play…

Thanks and repair it please!!!

I come from here:


Same thing. it’s really annoying. We waste a lot of time during game finding process…


Same here and when im goin “solo” the match loading count 5 ppl but when it starts there is only me and the monster, others are all bots.


Same problem here, 4 man group and we try to find a game for 2h…
Find someone and it’s not monster pref, but always trapper eventhough we have one on our team
(who obviously does NOT want to play Monster vs his friends - we try to get better as a hunter GROUP)

So yeah we end up with ppl leaving if we can find a match at all and are left with boring bot matches.

PLS fix this so friends can play together, otherwise this game makes no sense.
It kills the fun to wait for 90% of the time.


Yep, 3 mates here and we found 3 matches in 2 and half hours… it’s RIDICULOUS guys, we won’t play anymore until you fix this messy matchmaking…

Really, fix this mess, PLS!!!