The borderlands topic

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here’s some ice breakers to distract you

  1. Favorite BL games
  2. Favorite Vault hunter
  3. Favorite manufacturer
  4. Favorite quote
  5. Favorite Character in general

I don’t play Borderlands, but my favorite Vault Hunter is the cyborg ninja dude.

Zer0? yeah he’s badass

I don’t know his name dude, I’ve never played a Borderlands game, lol.

Borderlands 2 m8.

Krieg is my main man, so much fun.

Hyperion, their shotguns are kickass.

Shoot me 'til you love me!

Still Krieg, love the insanity, and his inner voice adds so much to his character, gah I love it.

you’re forgetting about the yummy nipple salads M80

(Say Thank you)
(…close enough)

  1. Aww mam Borderlands is my favourite, the Secret Armoury dlc was soo good.
  2. Axton is my favourite character, he’s just plain badass.
  3. I love Maliwan weapons but Torgue is the best, purely because of Mr Torgue
  4. If Scooters poem to Daisy counts as a quote, then that.
  5. Scooter. He’s fucking hilarious.

I didn’t play through it but

He dies in tales of the borderlands

I watched that. It was really saddening.
I hope he didn’t, somehow, because you don’t physically see him die.

I trusted jack

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He’d be the runner up for my favourite character. He makes a great villain.

  1. Gaige
  2. Jakobs
  3. That sentance had too many syllables, apolagise!
  4. Mr Torgue

you know what they say
“If it took more than one shot then you weren’t using a Jakobs!”

  1. Borderlands 2
  2. Gaige
  3. Vladof
  4. I don’t remember it exactly, but it’s in the main story of BL2, where Ellie’s like, “Give the Vault Hunter my love!” and Scooter replies with, “Ew gross I ain’t doin’ that!” I don’t know why but it made me laugh.
  5. Tiny Tina

1- Favorite game: I played BL2 before the first but I still have to say I like the first one the best, just because of the linear scaling for the loot. It felt like I could always find an upgrade, even if it was a green gun.

Now if Gearbox were sonehow able to mix the crazy fun characters, gear, weapons and abilities from TPS with the level and encounter design from BL2, we would have a perfect BL game.

My biggest gripe with TPS was always that I had these awesome guns, skills, and JUMP PADS! but there were only half a dozen enemies in a giant empty map to use them on.

2 - Favorite Character: Either Nisha or the Gunzerker (forget his name). Nothing like watching an entire room full of enemies disappear.

3 - Favorite manufacturer - Maliwan for face melting elegance.

4 - Favorite quote:

5 - Favorite Character Personality: Im going to be different and not say torgue. Probably Wilhelm from TPS because his lines about the story and events are almost exactly what Im thinking: “Don’t care, where is the loot?”

have you done the mission of where you make promotional posters as him? he says no literally everytime!

I also like his random fanatical comments about the robot overlord or whatever it is.