The Blame Game


Many Hunters try to ‘lead’ by telling their teammates what they’ve done wrong. If this is your approach to leadership, it’s worth reconsidering – both for Evolve and for real life.

Extenuating circumstances
Consider that you might not have enough information to pass judgement. If you think that one of your teammates wasn’t doing their job, there could be a reason why they weren’t. They might have been:

  • Recharging an ability
  • Under attack
  • Too far away to help

…or subject to some other limiting factor you’re unaware of.

What can you say to help your team?
Leadership is about making the right calls while the action is happening. You need to be ahead of things, hence the term ‘lead-ership.’ If a game goes badly, nothing you say after the fact will change that. Even if your team made mistakes, they’ll learn better from those mistakes without your criticism.

Give your team information that will help them do their jobs, like which direction the Monster is headed or who he’s attacking. There’s a lot you can say to help the game go right.

Constructive criticism
If you know some really crucial information about how the game works that others are missing, then yes you should share that. But doing so requires tact and discretion. If you can’t find a polite way to offer advice, don’t say anything at all. And even if you put it nicely, don’t be surprised to be snapped at in return. Your teammate might not agree with your advice, or your presumption of authority.

Exercise foresight, not hindsight
Leadership is not about scapegoating and making people feel bad about their performance. Evolve has the potential to spawn a great player community. Let’s all keep it from being toxic.


I approve this message


Roger that.


Are you talking about random teams or formed competitive teams? Because there is no leadership in pub teams, I’ll tell you that much. Moreover, there cannot possibly be a leader in such a team, since some people don’t even play with their mic => one cannot convey his thoughts even if he is, objectively, the best player on the team. Second, no one listens. If you tell a person, politely, to do something, you will most likely hear silence or an angry ‘don’t tell me what to do’ type answer. Sometimes people cooperate, that’s true, but that’s more of an accident than the rule. Third, who the hell needs to coach the team of incapable players? It’s much easier to tell them how much they suck and go find another lobby, hoping there would be people with a brain in it playing hunters and a kid playing the monster.
I appreciate your effort for trying to make the community more polite, friendly, competent, etc. But you’re trying to climb a mountain with too steep of a slope. You may hear a couple of comments that will say ‘yes, we should totally do that!’, but then these people will go online, yelling and blaming people as they did before. I certainly will not stop blaming people, because there is no excuse for making a mistake. I don’t owe anything to them, I don’t know them, I don’t get paid for teaching them how to play. Hence, there is no reason for me to ‘constructively criticize them’.


I dunno about you but most people I’ve played with listen to the trapper in their matches if you ask them to check something or follow the outside path they’ll do it 9/10 they’re less likely to listen to the assault. Same thing happens when I play bucket I’ll say I’m checking the blank with my UAV you guys go check out blank they’ll listen


You only need to say two words: Git Gud.


This is the main point I wish PuG players would understand. If you’re a good teammate, you’re telling your team what you’re going to do before you do it, as well as what the Monster is doing and where it’s going - nobody wants you to explain basic gameplay to them because you misinterpreted what they were doing, and nobody wants you telling them what they should have done now that there is nothing they can do about it. Don’t blame other people when you die; ask for healing, tell your Trapper to CC when it can help, tell people to stop shooting when you’re trying to dome, don’t bitch and moan afterwards - that just makes YOU the noob, not them. If you say something once or twice in a match, you probably won’t need to say it again in the whole lobby - that’s how teamplay works, you get familiar with playing with people, but you can’t assume unspoken psychic communication, and you can’t critique other people’s play while failing at your own.


People tend to listen to what everyone has to say anyways. Rare you run into someone who doesn’t on PC right now. Community is small enough, people tend not to troll much.


This! This! This! People tend to get defensive and toxic when they are yelled at when a mistake is made. Instead offer advice! Unfortunately the gaming community is very toxic already, this game included. Also, It’s a different story if someone is purposely doing poor. There’s a difference between a troll and a mistake being made.


And where does the monster usually appear in this case? Exactly, in the bush that your teammates who were ‘checking’ the area reluctantly ran by :smile: All I’m saying is that you can’t play effectively as a hunter if you don’t have a reliable team - a very rare occurrence in random matchmaking. If you can’t rely on your teammates, you have to play based on monster mistakes, and if he/she is semi-competent, the hunters lose. This is why I have pretty much stopped playing as a hunter unless one or two people that I know I can trust are online. You can’t teach everyone through mass media - Evolve does not gather an audience big enough for Twitch Streamers or YouTubers to bother with it. So the only thing that’s left is to sigh after a loss and tell people who screwed up what they did wrong. Politely, if you can.


You should add to your constructive critisism the following:

Dont play Bucket for he sucks ass.

Dont play Lazarus in MP unless you are in the top 15 Lazarus players.

Dont play Slim because he cannot outheal worth shit.

With these three simple steps hunter victories will become far more frequent.


So do I… :wink:


I wonder if this counts. I dropped into a game today and instantly started following the tracks I found rather than letting daisy start her slow tracking and follow her. I was instantly berated by the support who told me to stop wasting time and start following daisy because the tracks were the least effective way to find the monster.

I made it to the monster first and caught him mid evolve but couldn’t do much because the rest of the team humped daisy and were halfway across the map at the time. Quite smug, I told him to apologize for being wrong, he used some choice words, then rage quit.


Here’s a quick story from a few rounds a wile back.

I was playing with a group of random people who were all communicating and we were all relatively supportive of each other. Someone DC’d and a different person joined (keep in mind this was when people were still around level 5 and 10) as the medic. He wasn’t healing us and would only occasionally shoot at the monster or do anything useful.
Some of the people I was playing with immediately assumed he was a troll and they wished a votekick button was in the game. Then I asked the guy, “Hey, do you know how to play medic?” and he said no. I gave him the basics, told him when to use the heal burst, and the next round, he was a lot better at the medic, and we even won.

He was a bit quiet when he joined and wouldn’t talk to us, especially when some of us were yelling at him and sure, he could have told us that he was new to medic, but he probably expected more crap from us. He sure did seem like a troll, but waddya know, he was a natural at medic. :+1:


I don’t play on ‘competitive’ teams, just with friends and pubs. My experience with pub games has been pretty good. A lot of games fall apart, but I quit nice and early when that happens. That way, I spare myself time and frustration. I give up on teams all the time, but I don’t say anything to them, I just leave.

I wouldn’t say you owe public players constructive criticism, but I would say to refrain from blaming people for stuff. It ruins their experience with the game, and it embitters your own psyche.

When I have harsh words with players in public games, it’s in defense of myself or of other people on my team from being blamed and scapegoated. That behavior gets my hackles up 100% of the time, and dealing with it diplomatically is my own exercise in patience. I still lose my cool more often than I should.


I have also been impressed by people’s ability to follow directions in this game, when they are clear. It’s satisfying to call out a direction and see the other three player blips on your mini map swivel to face it. That’s when you know you have a good team.


Exactly, it’s about getting ahead of things. I agree that telling people about gameplay basics is generally a bad idea, because it’s so likely to be patronizing.


Yeah I find that players are generally quite upstanding.


Yup that counts!


See that’s a feel-good story there. Set someone up to succeed and they generally will.