The black screen of getting stuck



There’s this glitch that sometimes happens after finishing a match, in which the background goes black, and you cannot leave the match. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to screenshot it so far. But to elaborate:

The match has finished, in my case, we won. After getting our rewards and seeing our score and everything you get after a match, you can press continue. What happened next was that instead of the game searching for a new match, the background (which should be sheer with the ship flying around) just turns black. Additionally, the players from the last match seem to be present as well but nothing else happens. lastly and most importantly, the “back” button that allows you to leave the multiplayer matchmaking also disappears.

On a side note, I know this isn’t bug related (or maybe it actually is) but when all players press continue, I’d expect that the match continues with the same players, but no matter what, it always searches for a new lobby. Is this always the case?


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