The biggest tip I can give you on Abe


Tagging wildlife isn’t your goal.

Your goal as Abe is to find the monster as quickly as you possibly can. This can be extremely difficult as you have a complete absence of tracking equipment at the start of the game. As Abe you and your team are forced to have natural skill in tracking to find the monster.

My general idea on tagging wildlife is “if this is going to slow me down I’m not going to tag it,”. While tagging every wildlife on the map is strong it tends to slow you down especially at finding initial tracks. Lets say on Distillery, since most monsters head to the north that should be one of the first areas you check. If the monster isn’t there you can tag a few wildlife that are in LoS, but you shouldn’t spend time on tagging every wildlife in the cave. Spending time tagging multiple things up in the caves will lose you valuable time actually tracking the monster.


Great points. Now with Abe, youre right, finding the monster asap is your goal. Tagging wildlife can sometimes cause them to become agressive and waste time. I hate when my team’s Abe starts shooting a megamouth cuz he thinks the monsters gonna take time to fight it…then it fights us. Only tag wildlife that you can easily.kill or avoid


You are so right!
I was in a group with a couple of Abe players over the last few days and NOBOIDY and I mean absolutely nobody knew how to play him rigth and that in a match with Pubs means Monster stage 3 wiping out 4 hunters and probably laughing his ass of doing it :laughing:


I got connected randomly to a match with a pretty organized team one day, using mics of course, and they had a good strategy.

In the drop ship one guy assigned us all a direction - north, south, east, and west. If there were no visible footprints to follow, we would all head the assigned direction to find prints, etc. It worked very quickly, and the rest of the team was able to catch up in no time. Makes Abe, or really any hunter, quick to get a good general direction.


I really don’t have a problem tracking monsters. For me it’s how to use the stasis grenades most effectively during combat. Is it best to throw them at the monster or where you think the monster is going?


One at the monster, one at your feet, one to right, one to left, one in hand


Cover the field with them, so the monster is slowed when trying to chase a teammate. Usually any move speed reduction can help your team counter the monster.


I just like tagging the elite wildlife.


For me I find it best to use them on VIPs (usually your medic). I’ll usually have 1-2 on the field at once. My main goal is dealing damage with the shotgun in combat.


Hey I think I’ve played on XB1 with you. Like some time this past Friday.


Finding balance is key. Tag wildlife as you search but don’t let it slow you down. Once you’re onto the monster, your priority is the monster. Simple as that in my personal opinion.


Yes you did… And then left me for bf4


Sorry. I needed a break from Evolve. I’ve been playing everyday since day one. Was starting to feel burnt out. Now after a weekend off I feel ready to tackle Shear again!

Getting back in track with the thread. Thanks for the tips. I usually throw the grenades at the monster or in his path as he chases another teammate.


I totally agree, I try and only tag wildlife the monster will most likely eat. I play a lot of monster, and my main go to food is mammoth birds. I’m usually Goliath or Behemoth, and Mammoth birds are easy to kill and give good armor / evolution points. I generally tag Mammoth birds as much as I can, it yields good results. But yeah, I never eat Megamouths or Tyrants, lol. Armadons are chewy, good armor and you can kill them pretty quick, same with the Nomads, I eat them occasionally, but not early game. Love me some Mammoth bird though. I think its funny when Abes dart the Obsidian Grubs. :laughing:


Here’s my Abe tip: If you can dome the monster, don’t shoot him with a tracking dart first.

I’ve seen so many Abe players do that. They could’ve had a dome but scared the monster away instead by shooting it first.


Yeah I’ve seen peopke do this. The dome even takes a second to click line up a trackong dart them people.

Good thread OP


If the monster chooses to sneak it is a good option to tag wildlife in caves until birds appear or the monster is located otherwise.


When the dome is about to drop tag the beast and then start covering its exit route with slow grenades. I find most of the time i can get another dome as soon as the ability has re charged. Monster just constantly slowed and tracked.