The biggest issue with Torvald


He is supposed to be the long range assault yet he can shoot his mortars 5m in front of himself.


I agree. Hyde has insane DPS close range, and terrible DPS long range. Why can Torvald deal supreme damage both right next to him and on the other end of the map?


Hyde is also punished for missing his grenades with a long CD. Torvald can shoot barrage after barrage with no penalty. It makes it nearly impossible to dodge against a good Torvald.


Mortars are easy to land, do INSANE DPS, can fire at literally any range…


Torvald is the better Parnell because of this. IMO the assaults should be like this.
Torvald-Insane Burst
Parnell-Heavy situational burst for long periods of time
Hyde-Area Denial/Body Blocker
Markov-A walking fortress

Parnell doesn’t do enough damage even as his shotgun will constantly hit limbs unless point blank.
Hydes minigun does more damage then his Flamethrower, and is much easier to use.
Markov was gutted against every monster outside Goliath with his last nerf.


Not too sure on the Minigun statement.


It’s more consistent to land damage and it can deal more damage (it can crit). No reason to switch to flame unless you want to pull the monster off of someone.


Parnell doesn’t do enough damage? Wat?


Well not literally any range. An it’s not actually hard to dodge them


Hyde’s flamethrower does more damage than the minigun


it really depend on the monster. Behemoth, for example, every time it stops it’s roll you pretty much know it’s going to use an ability, which means he’s going to be stationary.

Goliath and Wraith you can reliably land 2-3 mortars when it focus targets.

Kraken prolly 0-1 mortars.


Ridiculously good range though. And they’re easy to dodge, but dodging them means moving away from who you’re focusing for Wraith, Behemoth and Goliath. When you turn around, SURPRISE! They’re at full health again and Torvald’s back to mortar spam. ^.^


Wait, how fast does wraiths traversal recharge, do u know?


Same rate as the others do. I don’t know exactly.


I can actually deal damage with mortars right on top of me, aim into the air, and rain them on yourself. Enjoy the tip, makes it even harder for monsters to try and kill me.