The Big Massive Evolve Preview Thread!


Hey y’all!

I wanted to start a topic where we could discuss some of the amazeballs coverage coming out around Evolve. Below is a list of my favorite quotes from some of today’s coverage (along with some pictures, because our game is pretty). Please feel free to respond below with thoughts, comments, or things you read that got you excited about the game!


IGN: The Ultimate Big Game Hunt

“Evolve instantly feels fresh – way more interesting, lively, and exciting than many of its rivals currently clogging up consoles and PCs.”

“Sporting a fedora decorated by a row of fearsome teeth, [Griffin] certainly looks the part – a mix of Robert Muldoon, Crocodile Dundee, and a Victorian explorer (he already has a decent claim for the most impressive moustache of 2014).”

Gamespot: Can Evolve Reinvent the Co-Op Shooter?

“The monster is tough, and brutal, yet elegant.”

Polygon: Hands on with the monsters and multiplayer mayhem of Evolve

“Big critters can also be useful as foils against those humans dim enough to get lost in swamps and river beds. Carnivorous plants await the unwary.”

Destructoid: Hunt or be hunted

“You’ll want to stick together, communicate, and really pay attention to all the visual clues to track the monster down.”

Kotaku: Four Players Are Co-Op Heroes. The Fifth is Their Giant Enemy. Fight!

“If next-gen multiplayer games want to entice new players with this sort of asymmetrical design and smart cooperative gameplay, sign me up.”


“The monster can snatch victory from the jaws of his teeth really quickly or the team can get a victory at the last second, there’s a lot of moving parts that make it interesting. Also, I think it’s just a fun shooter in general”

Venture Beat: Evolve is a terrifying and fun co-op monster-hunting game from the makers of Left 4 Dead

“As I started moving, I couldn’t shake a feeling of fear as I was being stalked even though I was a very powerful creature. That sense of dread is something you don’t feel in a lot of video games, and it’s even worse because you know that those chasing after you are smart.”

Escapist Magazine: Evolve Reveal Preview - Left 4 Hunting Monsters

“Any preview that leaves me wanting to play more is a pretty good foot forward…it’s a fun game with a killer premise and they’ve executed perfectly on the central idea.

Want a TRS autographed Evolve edition Game Informer?

I thought Shacknews had a good one too:

In spite of more than 1200 words in this preview, this is still scratching the surface on all the depth that Evolve packs. Even while playing on just one map with just one playable monster, it was amazing to witness how varied each match was. Sometimes the monster would win with brute force, other times, the cunning of the humans were able to eek by a narrow victory. Evolve manages to capture the sheer fun of hunting and being hunted–and I can’t wait to see what other surprises are in store.

Pretty strong praise from those guys, and they’ve been around since Quake…


i loves teh guy from duck dynasty haha xD just the fact that he seemed so happy and joyfull when jumping down the plane and everything. i really want characters like that in gamesl ike these , it’s just so awesome!


I personally love Griffin, the trapper. He has this “survival” quality from the way he’s dressed, and his physical features make him look experienced, and wise.


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