The Big Game Hunting Series (1st Season on PS4){Postponed till TU9}


Hello everyone!
Hopefully you all know me, if you don’t, I am demonhunter1245 of the PS4 console Kingdom!
I am a fellow competitive Evolve Torvald player and Twitch streamer.

'Nough about me though, this thread is about The Big Game Hunting Series!
@Jayrob2k72 of the PS4 Kingdom will be hosting this League style tournament for the PS4 community to enjoy!
Jayrob would love for this to spread across platforms in the future, but for now it is only on PS4 because he would like to find out how the whole series plays out. If the series goes as planned he would love to have it go platform wide.

#How it works–
Currently how it works is that you will get together with your team, you will be divided by ranking and put head to head with others matching. There will be 2 divisions, if you do well in the lower division you move up.
More plans will be made in the future.
##It does not matter what rank you are, this is here for the community to get together and have a blast!
Time of day will be decided based on amount of teams.
Bi monthly.
More plans will be made in the future.

Currently there are no prizes in the 1st season of The Big Game Hunting Series, Jay says when he acquires what he needs, he will hand out prizes to winners. The Second season though, will have prizes.

#How to Sign Up–
Send Jayrob2k7 a message on PSN, or say something here to let us know if your team would be interested.
###There will be Free Agent pools.
1 and a half Minute Dropship timer
High Wildlife Population

If you have any other questions, please ask. Jayrob will tell you more and I will update this thread for further information.
Please remember that not everything is concrete. Things will be changed.
Jayrob is currently streaming if you have questions, please ask him!
Twitch name is Jayrob2k7.
Jayrob says big thanks to @Shaners, @GrizzleMarine, @Seedsy and many other people for support and ideas!
#####Edit: [quote=“Jayrob2k72, post:10, topic:85663, full:true”]

@KaptinSkorge there’s a few things I could always use the volunteer help, but teams will be allowed to carry a 6th sub player if you wanted to jump on a team and miss the first Rd.


##Happy Hunting.

Big announcement stream now
Big announcement stream now

60% of the time, it works, all the time.



That is smack-dab in the middle of my finals.

But I can be a ref or a shoutcaster, if you’re needing those.


Jay is excepting people to help out in setting things up and Reffing, shoot him a message.


I don’t have a ps4 so good luck to you guys.
Also can’t really play multiplayer…I’m unable to choose who I am.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, ive been working on this with rob since conception, and ill try to help.


I would gladly play. If anyone would ever actually play with me. :’(


Play. Just helping out


Hey @Torvald_Stavig, thanks for the super awesome post!!! Really appreciate the effort there!

If anyone’s interested let me know! I will be posting more in the next few days, super tired right now, but I’m really excited!!!

My PSN is Jayrob2k7, and I’ll be creating a email account for this!

@KaptinSkorge there’s a few things I could always use the volunteer help, but teams will be allowed to carry a 6th sub player if you wanted to jump on a team and miss the first Rd.

Thanks to everyone for the support, can’t wait to see this move forward!!!


Using the mic is necessary?


Happy to support, looking forward to spectating


Go to twitch and watch Jayrob2k72 for a BIG announcement! Very important! Live now


If you join the stream and its mid game, comment asking what the announcement is and it will be explained after the game ends.


Announcement about what?


My friend just played him


Watch and see


Who is your friend?


Jayrob is my friends friend and my friend was peach
Something I just met the guy.


An Evolve announcement?