The Beta CHALLENGE Thread!


Many of us have been desiring 5-man team play; being able to swap from hunter to monster, and back again to whomp on our friends. Since it has been revealed we can most likely form 5-man groups, now is a perfect opportunity to challenge each other. It’s also an excellent way to get to know each other, and start forming teams, for all of you more serious gamers out there!

Also, this is a thread to post other challenges you may like to see, not necessarily going up against each other. Perhaps you want to see a certain player or any player do X during a game. Maybe you’d like to see a certain strategy used. This is the place to drop your desires. Please keep in mind not everyone has the ability to record or stream their matches and also note who is a PC/PS4/XBone user. If you have modified your profile to show your worldly locale and platform, super! If you have not already done so, please see the thread: Members Profile Info & Class Roles by @Essen!

If you already have a team and are ready to challenge another team, please see this thread by @Denny : All teams here!

*Please keep in mind all challenges be made in good fun.
@Magik_boom compiled the list of challenges which can be found here: List hunter play of beta challenges from the dedicated thread

To get this party started, I will issue a challenge to @PeirsPryce: I’d like to see you, as Kraken, attempt to fly up to the drop ship as close as you can, so that when the doors open, BAM! there’s your Krakeny face! Obviously you’ll have to be a Stage 1 for this. Not sure just how close you can get but it’ll sure be a shock seeing a Kraken right there and having to drop into it’s waiting arms! Feel free to do this when I play against you! A second challenge I issue again to @PeirsPryce is to only sneak pounce to eat prey. You wouldn’t be able to use abilities to farm, or basic melee attacks. Prey you find already dead you of course don’t need to pounce. I am unsure if you can pounce large prey like Tyrants…if you can, super…but if not, I’ll allow for basic melee only for them.

Also, I challenge @Time_stops_now (provided he is a PC player) and @PeirsPryce to go against each other, each having a turn as monster and hunter. May the best monster win!

I accept @PeirsPryce’s challenge to take him on as a monster, myself as a hunter.

I am a USA/PC player. Steam ID SledgePainter. I wouldn’t mind joining anyone’s team as a Medic or Trapper. Val and Maggie preferred. I’d love to join in on any forum member’s games!

Looking a good group of hunters to eat on X1 beta
Looking for any hunter team to play against and calling out the Developers "A-Team"
Hunters... UNITE!

Ooooh, this is going to be GOOD.

Please film your exploits, everyone!


I challenge @DownLikeSyndrome to a best of five hunt match setup on the xbox one. Obviously he gets to play as monster, but the hunters get to pick the map.


Well. I’m up for any sort of challenge, as long as I get to be the monster. BRING YOUR POONS!


I challenege anyone on ps4 to find their best hunter team to take me on


I challenge @Sannom to play the Kraken and allow any harpoon roots to stay linked to you for at least 5 seconds or until the trapper is taken out. How pro are you at keeping those little pests away?


Sorry to burst your bubble, but custom games aren’t in so map selection is random. Outside of the binary Evac mode on XBone.


Ah I thought the custom games had map selection, tis a shame. Challenge still holds.


That’s harsh, but I don’t have to stay poon’d if I don’t get anywhere near them ;V

In retort, I challenge you to play trapper and 'poon me >:D


If you are a PC player, you definitely just made your last will :wink: I plan to become one of the best trappers in the game.


I challenge @MaddCow todo a 360º no-scope harpoon with griffin, and land.


Yep, I’ll be on PC, and perhaps on the ps4 if I get lucky.



I want it recorded, or nothing happened.


I record all :smiley:


I have an evil challenge for piers, NEVER use orbital as hank, during the beta, until you unlock bucket ( TROLOLOLOL )


I see what you did there :stuck_out_tongue:


I am Goliath. PC Players, if you see me as Monster. Get ready to get CA-BRECKED!

More/Less I will be training my buddies in the Beta. New team forming over here! Let’s see how good you do, I am a very aggressive Assault may I mind you. And a VERY pesky Trapper.


‘‘Why thats good, thats very good’’ I like my assault with a trapper milkshake, bring it on :3


u wot m8.

Brb, making navy seals copypasta, Goliath edition.

In all seriousness, I hope to see a few of you here. With or against.
With may not be possible cause of my team

But if against. Heh, GOOD LUCK c: