The best thing about patch 5.1.1 was that we got to say goodbye to Slim and his sporecloud | Anti-Slim Club:

Since update I have not seen Slim ancd I can breath for the first time, without fear of drowning from my own bloody nostrils…

Cry me a river I hope they never fix Slim.

Our theme song

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But Slim was barely touched.
The guys complaining bout CDR are just crying for crying’s sake.

Laz on the other hand:

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@10shredder00 Would love this thread.

Finally I can dive into the hunters full force and still see them. Witness me folks.

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Fighting Slim can be fun though. The fact that you need to pay attention more makes it that much more intense. Spore cloud is getting nerfed soon anyway, if you really dont like it.

It’s less of “dislike”-ING it and more of “Flailing like a blind person trying to kill a fly”.


I have seen no decrease in the number of Slims.

It felt like that to me when he first released, but now it barely effects me since all I really need to see is them using their abilities

My ability to see through them got worse overtime. At first I was unphased by it. Now I’m crippled.

Reload speed allowed you to fill up the hb in about 2 shots. Now it takes a solid 3 and the hb will just come online. And that is not fast enough to keep up with a determined monster.

Honestly I breath easier when I see a slim, but I’m pretty good at keeping track of him in the spore cloud so he tends to be a fairly easy down for me. Then again I play Wraith so I’m all about the focus, if I played Meteor Goliath I imagine I’d feel differently.

It is really easy to see Slim through the cloud, his gun is so noticeable since it makes spores come out that come back to him.

Something that would be nice is if they reduced the particle effect on the clouds. Even for a hunter they end up being incredibly annoying. The same can be said for many chracters, like Hyde’s grenades, and MG’s everything.

The big green healing pulses help too, and if you focus him he’s usually not spamming spores.

#Slim is the best medic and is the MVP
######Dont hurt me…

I’m jelly, I see Slim every other game as monster ;w;

We have not won until they patch in the temp visibility while taking damage they’ve been testing.

So… Are you not getting banned?

It was all a misunderstanding, they’d said they’d suspend me and that it should be active in the next couple of hours.