The best reason why Defend should be removed. (lol)(PC)


“Behemoth and Kraken are OP” isn’t a very good reason to remove defend.

Turns out that each map is JUST a goverment prop like the moon landing. It’s all just a set. None of this actually happened…


I died when the dropship came, so it acted like I was still alive when it put me in the dropship. A real out-of-body experience I’d say.


This is actually pretty neat to see. I used to break out of the boundaries in Halo 3 to check out all the sky boxes.


I would do that in Left 4 Dead (2). It was interesting, but it doesn’t solve the fact that Defend worlds are a bunch of government props and sets.


You do know every map has a pretty much drop off the same as well a little after the fog or mountains stop too right? Yes I know you’re mostly joking too.


I’ve taken a video of the drop ship not dropping me, and it went exactly like that. Lol


Halo was so glitchy in that regard… I used to break out of all the levels.

Second level of Halo 2 was practically skippable. You just walk out at the beginning and walk along the outside of the map to the end.

Also that’s really awesome that they have the full ship rendered up there. You never actually see the top of it ever I don’t think.


Then that means every map is a government set and props…

Trying to 1-up me eyyy?

If it’s on YouTube I’d love to see it then :wink:


Yeah the ship looks fantastic! Would love to see some concept art!


Not trying. Did lol. But this is a hunt match. And its on Xboxclips not youtube.

@TheMountainThatRoars you said it was neat so I tagged you.


Yours happened differently from mine (same view, different event). I respawned while the ship was coming in for the drop. My camera/pov disconnected with the ship leaving me behind.

It seems yours was a missed que for the hunters to drop, so it took you away with Parnell and Laz so you were still in the dropship.

Still a wacky experience.


Yup. As I tried to explain in the first comment I made, I just wasn’t dropped. I shouldn’t have said it went like that, but that I had the same view and it was awesome :slight_smile: