The best offensive support uses the worst main weapon?


Did I get the wrong idea about what kind of character Cabot should play?
The amplifier is strong but also consumed quickly.
While it goes empty fast, Cabot spends most of his time shooting with his rail gun.
So he should provide burst damage with amplifier for a short time, and stable damage with rail gun for most of the time.
However I didn’t see much of use of the rail gun, I even doubt if it has less dps than Sunny’s grenade launcher.
So someone tell me if Cabot should be some guy standing still staring the monster until the amplifier recharged.
Or, as I hope, TRS is going to do something with the rail gun.


Different strokes I guess, I like the railgun, combined with dust tagging and some infravision so that I can keep the damage up on the monster no matter where it runs in the dome.


Yes they did something to his rail gun… they increase the reload time for it coughnerfcough


yeah this is the whole issue,they nerf already questionable characters until they become last pick.
cough[tech hank] cough wraith cough rogue val cought…


Smart people run reload on Cabot.

Just saying.


True, they increased the reload time by exactly 0.2 seconds, not exactly to say a big nerf.


Enjoy sacrificing defensive perks that he really need because of lack of proper shielding for reaching reload that was perkless before latest nerf

just sayan


(I’m sorry, I had too)


Yeah when the rail gun only shoot ONE bullet at a time… destroying his perk setup to dodge and need a reload perk instead to get the reload back up again

Just saying…


Cabot players tended to pick reload perks anyway, the railgun nerf was because of that I imagine.


well I run switch/cap/reload on pubs and managed to have 69%WR but I guess it’s just me since I cannot dodge a thing anyway with my high ping
so why not punish the monster harder and faster


Well you need a team really. Don’t use amp all the time.
Blitz Markov: what until beam is orange then damage amp. Took all armor for S3 Goliath.
Parnell: Wait until super soldier.
Others: just have it on him
Tip: You can also amplify wildlife damage…


Actually Cabot hits as much as Sunny, 125 a pop. Pretty much same reload as her. With hitscan. Through walls. Don’t think it’s bad for a support.