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The kind on other games lol

The worm I had earlier was 2x this size and I was pressing the wrong button to screen shot when I was #1… so just imagine the #4 as a #1.

Go Evolve!

This game is if you didn’t know.


I think everyone knows at this point. Basically everyone is playing it on youtube right now.


How they play a game where the connection feels like it’s being connected by an 80 year old grandma told to walk on a treadmill is amazing to me.


I can’t even connect to the game. It’s bad.


To make a turn is like trying to wait for an ant to cross the atlantic ocean.


I tried it once hated it I died for absolutely no reason because of lag


I find that it connects you to a random server so you sometimes get lucky with great connection. I almost never have troubles.


Every time I try to play the snakes turn invisible and occasionally blink. :confused: