The best healer?


I have unlocked one char for every class besides for the medic.
I’ll have 5500 keys soon so I wanted to know which medic I am supposed to buy, I’m new to the game so I don’t really know much about the characters yet.


That depends. If you want good single-target healers, go for Val or Caira. If you want to spread it out more, go for Rogue Val or Slim or EMET. If you hate healing, go for Laz


They each have their benefits and Drawbacks


  • Good Single Target Healer, Tranq’s are helpful in controlling the Monster. Great Utility Medic.

Rouge Val

  • Great Healer in general. Medgun chains off one target to heal multiple. Healing Aura is good too for close quarter healing. Poison Dart gun good for chipping away Damage. Really good newbie Medic.


  • Healing Buoys good for set and forget healing. Just make sure you remember to keep track of how many you have out and remember to spam HB. Good for Medics that like to sit back. Can really help with DPS if you sit on the FingerGun.


  • Really good Tanky Medic. Great sustainability when focused. Requires some good aim, but is rewarding once you get it down.


  • Good for the Medic itching to let their inner Assault out. Remember to hold down the trigger to keep the leech gun firing and remember to spam the HealBurst to keep healing. Spore Cannon shots help make the Monster have to pick a target and focus them. Support can really make or break this pick.


  • The Anti-Medic. Timing is key with this character. Stage 2 changed his role the most. Early game your job is to keep out of the fray. Late game, being able to bring back Hunters from Death early might be the difference between winning and losing. Be prepared to be Target #1 and use the cloak wisely to go invisible and slink off from a bad fight.

For a newbie I recommend this order:

  1. Rouge Val

  2. Val

  3. Caira
    Emet (based off your aim)

  4. Slim

  5. Lazarus


Really good answer, you’d do well to follow Tom’s advice.


Really detailled and helpful. Thanks! :slight_smile:


what tom said


I’m not a real newbie, I’ve got 2 chars on lv 25+


Tom said it all.
But since you asked who is the best healer.


Hands down , no ‘‘buts’’ or ‘‘ifs’’ or ‘‘this’’ or ‘‘that’’.
C - A - I - R - A
There, I said it … =D


You’ve been playing maybe for a week. You’re kind of new, sorry to say.

Anyways, Tom gives a really good list, though Emet needs a lot of practice, so I’d place him on the same Tier as Slim.


Yes, that’s what I was thinking too, however I liked the passiveness of the Heals and I figured it might be easier for some than others! Good Recommendation!

@PrinceMononoke I only assumed you were newer to playing medic!