The best early Christmas Present


It’s never too soon to open Christmas Presents. Well, maybe a little, but my older sister was in town and wanted me to open mine because she couldn’t stay long.

The present she gave me was priceless.

She recently began dabbling with custom doll making, and made me a statue/figure of Emet. While not 100% accurate, it’s the small details that she got right. For example, there’s even the cupcakes on his jet pack. The skeleton is made up of her boyfriends old bionicals (which hurts a little, since I also love Lego). Then she used modeling clay to give him his smexy features.

And actually, she did want to make him in his glitter skin, but she also didn’t know how to glitterize him. Man, glitter IS hard.

Now I just need to buy a shelving unit to start my collection of figures and stuff related to Gaming. :thinking:

I couldn’t have asked for anything better, and it’s thanks to TRS that you guys have had a profound impact on my life. For what it’s worth, I got a $10,000 experience from a $60 AAA game with a few hundred $$$ of DLC. I think that’s a steal.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, thanks for Emet too. :blue_heart:


Holy crap, that’s amazing!





Personalized gifts are always the best. That’s really cool.


As a LEGO (and Bionicle) fan, I know that little pain too :p. Regardless, I can tell the joy of having EMET in your hand could far surpass it. It is amazing :smile:


Matthew approved!


You have invoke the deadly sin of envy


That’s amazing! Your sister is very talented :blush:


It wouldnt hurt to play the game either besides just reminicing about it.


Well god damn, that’s awesome! I need one in my life. If your sis ever wants to make some money off of this, let me know. I would buy/comission one no questions asked.


Aw, that’s sweet.


So i’ve been quiet again the past few weeks, but I told her about y’alls responses and she’s absolutely thrilled.

I just bought a bookshelf to store my knickknacks on and I will post screenshots of it asap.

Too many things to do, not enough time, unfortunately. Thought about playing it a few times but IIRC I need to join the legacy group but was never invited.


Wow that is an incredible gift from the heart.