The Best CS:GO I've Ever Seen


The MLG world tournament being broadcasted on is absolutely insane! The matches that have been played are easily the best matches I’ve ever seen in CS:GO. The level theses guys are playing on and the plays they’re pulling have made for the most exciting tournament I’ve ever watched. There’s even an American team going to the semifinals!


Have to say I love the CSGO tourneys but if its the best you have seen now you never saw the old days when NiP and Fnatic ruled everyone :stuck_out_tongue:


I have, this tournament had just been absolutely insane.


Back in my days… I played CS 1.3 then 1.5… then 1.6… now those youngsters would not be able to hold a candle to pro players of the days… all jokes aside always nice to watch good players duke it out.


I miss bunny hopping.

I grew -up- on counter strike. I must have literally thousands of hours on that game.

But I must say I detest where the “meta” of cs has gone. I get that it’s to win. But god damn it makes it painfully boring to watch how these guys play this game. Nothing but respect for their dedication. But enh.


Really? I’ve never been so excited watching CS. I don’t even like the teams in the finals.


Really glad to see MLG putting on a great showing for CS:GO. I’ve loved watching this tournament so far, it’s just so damn fun to watch.


That last match was insane! I’ve been loving every minute of it. I should have bought tickets to this.


I’m just on a cell so I’ll have to watch this footage later- and admittedly am in -no- position to comment on what happened here.

But generally- yes.

But maybe I should clarify.

I hate the whole “rush to this exact spot on the floor by this time and shoot at this pixel on the wall because if they rush this camp spot there a strong chance I’ll shoot them in the head”

“Stand exactly here and aim up at Thai angle and throw my grenade at this exact texture on the wall because it’ll bounce here, here, roll there, and drop through this crevice in the geometry and hit/blind/end them on the other side”

Now again- can not emphasize enough how much I respect their comprehension, dedication, and skill it takes to do these things. its iust that mechanics that play out like this are not for me.


Playing things and doing things on the fly has always been my way to play. Maybe some slight pre-planning on my part but after that it’s just “F**k all Imma start swinging and hope for the best!”

Makes a match more unpredictable and interesting fight/match than doing the samething at the sametime all the time.


Luminosity just wiped Navi on Overpass.


Is the FaZe pro team there? They didn’t move into the FaZe house for no reason!

EDIT: Nevermind, they’re doing bad. Also Makeleilei is leaving FaZe after only a week XD. $700,00, and their team captain leaves haha.