The Best Comp


This game is balanced in the way that many comps work. Our meta is Hank, Val, Wasteland, and insert best assault (usually Hyde). However, I think one comp frequently gets overlooked. That’s damage chase comp. With Cabot, Rval, Wasteland, and Parnell all running movement speed, the monster has a very hard time escaping and is pressured to down hunters with very little armor. I would say it’s the best comp in the game.
Thoughts on that or other comps?


It’s a great comp for sure, but me and my team love Val Hank comp it’s great. There’s more we try like

Slim,Cabot, Parnell,wasteland

Much much more experiment


If I want a monster to rage quit Torvald Griffin Val Sunny.


I know @Torvald_Stavig @Shunty and @Daisy_Slayer is a very scary team comp. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, that joke comp is still too strong


It’s not really a joke comp its pretty smart.

2 methods of cc tranqs + harpoons + a boost for hunter movement plus the mortars working as a form of CC.

It’s just what happens when you add options and don’t think of what synergies will form.

Joke comp would be more like deployable comp.


Joke as in OP. Sunny is still too powerful in some areas and for such an easy to hit weapon her tranqs last a bit too long. Torvald will probably still be too good in the upcoming MP.


Add @michigan_ball into that and we’re a lot better.


Slim - Hank - Torvalds - jack (all running capacity to maximize damage / shield / healing / CC output)



I like playing with Val, Crow, Hank/Cabot, and Parnell/Torvald.


Someone can tell me how using Torval? xD
Is the only assault that i don’t understand xD


There’s still plenty of overkill comps in the game.
Mostly the ones that either make fleeing very difficult or constantly demand attention/focus from the Monster, like Torvald forcing you away from a target or Sunny forcing you to attack her Shield Drone every 8 seconds.

Add any of such jerks together in a team and you got yourself one of the “best” comps.

  • Val
  • Slim
  • Hank
  • Sunny
  • Wasteland Maggie
  • Griffin (only against Goliath or Bob)
  • Jack
  • Lennox (only against Goliath or Bob)
  • Torvald


Don’t think he is a good threat for Goliath

Goliath is the best mitigated monster . Lennox plasma is easily avoidable for Goliath

I agree about the rest




Val,Hank,wasteland,Hyde(most regular comp thus far)


The list goes on and on.


Wut? Goliath is like the only Monster where Lennox is really much of a threat, or at least in the context of “Demands the Monster’s attention every few seconds.”

With the other Monsters this isn’t as much a problem hence why I think overall Lennox needs a buff. Goliath is the only Monster with the frustrating combination of

  • Lack of abilities or wide-ranged melee attacks that attack targets behind him to addition to whichever Hunter he was aiming for.

  • Clumsy traversals highly vulnerable to Trapper CC, meaning that if the Trapper is doing a good job then Goliath will never escape Lennox in his first attempt to do so - it will require the draining of Jack’s battery or the snagging of Maggie/Griffin’s harpoon and a second attempt to get away.

Kraken floats.
Wraith has very wide melee attacks and quick, unpredictable traversals.
Gorgon has wide melee attacks as well but more importantly can make terrain around her not worth the effort for Lennox, like a Spider Trap nearby or an acid pool.
Ironically enough, even Behemoth occasionally has an easier time thanks to the length of his traversal and abilities available that have a blast radius to force Lennox away as well.

Goliath is both on paper and in practice the best target for Lennox. Against the rest of the Monster roster, she is easily outshined by the other Assaults out there.


I’ll tell you what I think is the best comp for an individual Monster and the best comp if you dont know what you are up to.

:assault: Parnell - Easiest target to hit with the shotgun, effective from the back also
:trapper: Jack - Repulsor to deny 2 abilities from most angles
:support: Hank - Catching a Rock with the shield is the most effective use for the shield and better than Sunny’s shield drone
:medic: Val - Weakpoints benefit the whole team, tranqs are nice to have while the repulsor is on CD

Meteor Goliath
:assault: Parnell - Just like Goliath
:trapper: Jack - Just like Goliath
:support: Tech Sgt. Hank - Denies the spread damage to 3 targets at once
:medic: Slim - Even though the spores arent as good, the healing is supreme, especiall against spread damage. Works also great with Parnell’s Super Soldier. MG’s longer cooldown gives him less tumble overall.

:assault: Markov - 2 Weapons with good accuracy at long range
:trapper: Crow - Stasis seems the most effective against Kraken, better damage at long range than Abe
:support: Hank - Almost mandatory against the high burst
:medic: Val - Good for mid-air healing, tranqs provide more gravity, whole team benefits from weakpoints

Elder Kraken
:assault: Blitz Markov - Low burst mobility and trouble to remove deployables make EK the best match for BM
:trapper: Maggie - Daisy catches Chain Lightnings for the team. Also EK has trouble clearing deployables
:support: Sunny - Shield drone perfect to deny Deathspiral-combos and hard to take down for EK
:medic: Caira - Kiting around gold mines with the adrenaline field works great if EK cant clear them

:assault: Hyde - DoTs deny invisibilty, toxic cloud good against Super Nova
:trapper: Wasteland Maggie - More DoTs, harpoon denies some warp blasts and abductions
:support: Sunny - Shield drone and JPB make Super Nova almost useless. Nukes are easy to land on such a small target
:medic: Rogue Val - More DoTs, keeps herself alive the best during Melee tumbles

:assault: Torvald - Mortars are the hardest to dodge with Behemoth, shotgun never misses
:trapper: Abe - Shotgun reaches maximum DPS, stasis affects rolling for a long time
:support: Cabot - Good with Torvald’s burst damage, gives less chances for Rock Wall pounces
:medic: Slim - Shotgun reaches maximum HPS, spores affect the huge Behemoth the most

:assault: Lennox - One of the best weapons to destroy Mimic, capitalizes on Gorgon not being able to melee her during Mimic and Acid spit
:trapper: Griffin - Takes Gorgon down from a wall, can stop a Mimic, accurate and fast weapon good against Spider Traps
:support: Tech Sgt Hank - Once again, good against spread damage. Also good to make ambushes less crucial
:medic: Rogue Val - Best medic to kill spider traps from any range, good against spread damage

Unknown Monster
:assault: Hyde - You are never wrong with melting the Monster’s face
:trapper: Wasteland Maggie - Long range harpoon good against any Monster
:support: Hank - Shields are never wrong (JBP isnt the best against Kraken), covers burst damage
:medic: Rogue Val - Reliable healing, covers spread damage, can heal mid air and healing is not dependent on the Monster’s size

Why no Laz, Emet, Bucket or Kala?
:medic: Lazarus - Easily countered from experienced Monsters, very risky
:medic: Emet - Healing is not the best, respawn beacon too situational
:support: Bucket - Cabot just adds more to the table, also imo only viable with Laz
:support: Kala - Even though my favourite character ingame, the current form of the amor reducer is a waste of damage in most scenarios and can be replaced mostly by Crow in its useful moments. The teleporters can provide some good defensive, but more often than not they break directly before anyone can escape through them. (Not to mention the countless amount of people who refuse to use them and their tendency to break Daisy’s AI). The Siren missiles can be powerful but also very weak against certain Monsters.


Lennox is the worst assault against Goliath

It depends on Play style of the monster .

I use leap smash / pounce

Traversal then rock . The more the Goliath players uses traversal the less the damage output Lennox will be doing

More than 4 hits is not likely possible against med / high level monster .


:assault: Parnell
:trapper: Jack / Maggie / Griffin
:support: Hank
:medic: Val

Meteor Goliath
:assault: Parnell
:trapper: WLM
:support: Hank
:medic: Slim

:assault: Markov
:trapper: Abe
:support: Hank
:medic: Val / Ciara / Emet

Elder Kraken
:assault: Blitz Markov
:trapper: Maggie / WLM
:support: Sunny / Hank
:medic: Caira

:assault: Hyde
:trapper: Wasteland Maggie / Abe
:support: Sunny
:medic: Val / ROUGE Val

:assault: Torvald / parnell
:trapper: jack
:support: Cabot / Hank
:medic: R. Val / Slim

:assault: Lennox
:trapper: Griffin
:support: Sunny
:medic: Rogue Val


I agree with everything except:

Sunny is better against a Goliath than Hank, especially when paired with Griff.

Rogue Val is not the best blind pick. That would still be Vanilla Val paired with Hank. Rogue doesn’t bring enough healing against the possible Kraken imo, and reg Val’s tranqs are much more equally useful against all monsters than the extra damage.


I think Crow is the best trapper against each Monster. Obviously there’s some bias there, but with how effective he can be in the right hands, he can easily out damage, out protect, and out trap every other trapper.