The Best Comp Nobody is Using


Tech Hank, EMET, Wasteland ( or Abe or Griffin), and Parnell. Had a lot of success with this. With proper dodging the only real target becomes tech Hank. However, the damage combined with high survive ability of the comp makes for a tough win for the monster. Even if a hunter dies you can usually drop the beacon because the monster is out of health. If the medic dies tech Hank shields and you keep fighting. Lastly, if you mess up and everyone has 2 strikes then you can shield others up so its like they never got a strike.


Ran it before. Twas okay. I prefer the DOT comp still.

R. Val, Cabot, Wasteland Maggie and Hyde. The monster cant stay to earn strikes because getting a down costs too much health. If he stays for the kill, it just becomes suicide.


I actually don’t like wasteland she was nerfed to where she was hardly doing any more damage than OG Maggie, but after that OG Maggie’s pistol got buffed so now OG actually does better.
If any disagrees please tell me.


That comp is just nasty haha I love it.


Same. The damage v.s. only having 1 harpoon isn’t worth it in my opinion.


Run the DOT comp and it might change your opinion. Rogue Val with Damage Resistance, Cabot with Reload Speed, Wasteland Maggie with either Damage Resistance or Jump Height, and Hyde with Reload Speed. I need to get a few videos of us using it. I thought I had some, but I guess I was mistaken. I have a recent video where we ran it with Markov because we knew he was going to go Kraken, but it’s not quite the same. Anyways, @Deanimate can attest to its power. He had a particularly rough Behemoth match against it, I recall :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re worried about Kraken, we have been running with Parnell instead of Hyde recently in a sort of semi-DOT comp, as he works amazingly against most monsters and performs decently against the flying thunder god.


I would try this comp if I ever had any of my team actually want to play the game. Sounds fun.


Well I’ve also ran a damage team before and we hardly even lost. We had OG Maggie, bucket, Hyde, and Val. Even picked really good perks along with this team


That’s a very brave comp…


Hyde for the win


OG Maggie, bucket, Hyde, and Val.


Why not torvald instead of Hyde? He’s much better with bucket.

And RV instead of Val for more damage as well.


I get what your saying but I prefer val, because she does more healing and adds weak points to the monster as well as slowing.