The best burst damage team possible


What sort of team should be assembled to do the most damage in the short period where the Krakens out of flight or a Wraith is stuck in a cave.

What I am talking about is a team that can get a 6X damage and can scare that crap out of a monster when his full bar of armor is gone within a second of vulnerability.

lets say you damage amp with mines or SS with Vals weakspots. Anything goes.

Do damage bonuses add up?

Depends. What is the time frame for doing the most Burst. 1 Dome, 10 secs? 20 Secs?


If you’re going for sheer unadulterated damage, I would say Parnell, Cabot, Laz and Abe. Cabot does the beam, Parnell super soldiers, Abe pulls out his rapid fire shotty, and Laz has hopefully covered the monster with weak spots for the shotguns to hit.


what @SpookedNomad said. thats the most quick burst ull get.

although if you “land” everything in a perfect manner. then the highest would be parnell, hank, griffin (poon), Val headshot. the “land” would go as follows. griffin harpoons and hanks orbital hits most of the monster. val lands a head shot marker and parnell hits ALL shots on that marker. that is 4x damage plus parnells supersoldier. I call this the miracle combo.

now dps is arguable. but i still say its laz, bucket, parnell, abe. if a wraith cant land abductions and buckets turrets are in a good spot (on cliffs while the team is below) then they will do the most damage when the wraith goes in. same if the kraken gets grounded but more luck than anything.


maybe a burst damage of ten for goliath


Kraken has to regen his stamina for flight so thats… 15


its instant when in battle.


The problem with the Hank/Griffin thing is that it’s relatively easy to get out of. I have not gotten hit by more than two or three rockets from Hank’s barrage, and am frankly confused by the monsters who are. The one I said admittedly relies on being able to hit stuff, but still, if sheer damage is what you’re after…


thats why i said miracle. it just wont happen with a good monster. although a good griffin snare can force another 2-3 to land that normally wouldnt. still cabots damage amp is SO hard to pass up :frowning:


The highest for multipliers if im correct is 6X damage


Headshot is +100%, Val’s weakspot is +100%, Cabot’s thing is +100%… Where’d you get the other 200%?


Just imagine if a 4X (Val’s sniper and Cabot’s amp) would look like if a monster landed on a mine. ( and remember its only “one” mine and not a cluster)


Wait isn’t Val and Cabot 200% ?


Mines don’t hit weakspots, though. So it’d only take double damage from the mine from Cabot.

And nope, they only give +100% each.


nah headshot is 2x, val is 2x, cabot is 2x up to 1000. so if parnell does supersoldier he is bassically hitting the monsters face for 6x the amount of his normal shot. him and abe alone would do enough.


Awwwwww I really hoped for a one hit kill


Sorry, that’s wrong. Devs have confirmed that damage amplifiers are additive, not multiplicative. Each one of those is adding an extra 100% of the damage to the shot, not doubling the amount you do.


so the possible max is only 400?


then it would be 200%. because laz does 1.5. which would be 150%.

hold on doin math


uh wait can you restate that