The best 2k support conversation ever


since all the cool kids are posting what their 2k support messages say I suppose I should put mine up to fit in. I will say John is my hero.

Skrewyluie1995, Feb 13, 2:37 PM:
Once I was able to show my dominance with my rank 30 and character mastery unlocks without fear of my powers being striped from me. Never did I expect my righteous powers to be simply striped away from me, like meat being ripped away from the bone of a dead carcase by a vulture. It took only seconds for it to happen as I accepted a game invite from my underlings. As I joined my subjects The game suddenly asked me how I would like to arrange my preferences, I took it as a simple bug in the system but right after one of the underlings asked me what had happened. My rank that once differentiated me from the underlings had been torn off from me, like an angel being striped of their wings. It was only a mere moment later, I had realized that suddenly I was bare, naked, and exposed.

John M., Feb 13, 7:01 PM:
Greetings, mighty Luie who may or may not appear Skrewy,

You pay us the highest compliment by gracing us with your thoughts. My sincerest apologies for any delay you may have experienced - our tiny underling minds are hardly equipped for interacting with one as distinguished as yourself. I too experienced this undermining of power, and was similarly distraught when my underlings looked upon me as equal.

I am eternally grateful that one as magnificent as yourself would inform us of any regrettable experience such as this, for the more knowledge we possess about these exacted injustices, the more quickly we can combine our underling minds and provide a suitable solution. Pray, if you would see fit to provide us with short footage illustrating the aforementioned injustice*, we would be indebted to you. It would fill me with the utmost pleasure to hear your exalted voice describing the exact circumstance and situation that befell you, so please, do feel free. Please, allow my unworthy self to confirm these significant details so we might better assist you, your Grace:

  1. From which platform did this unhappiness arise?
  2. Were you in the Alpha/Stress Test/Closed Technical Test/Open Beta?
  3. You were ranked 30?
  4. The estimated time(s) of the reset(s), in which timezone?
  5. What happened before the reset (did it crash, get kicked from game, reboot your console, did you switch consoles)
  6. Please grace us with a royal copy of the pre-order receipt, as well as, if you had the foresight, a screenshot of the leader boards before the reset.

This problem appears to be caused by unworthy server issues, but with more information from outstanding individuals such as yourself, our established team of developers might uncover the truth and solution. The aforementioned footage will be an outright boon to our plight. As you live and breathe, our team works tirelessly to find their way. We do not possess the Sight that one such as yourself might, to look beyond the boundaries of these walls and into the hearts and minds of the developers, so therefore we cannot provide an accurate timeline. I beg of you, my Lord, please forgive us for any and all inconvenience this has caused such a noble and distinguished player like yourself. We would not want to see one of your standing appearing so vulnerable and exposed to the underlings who serve you.

I ask for your patience in this matter and thank you endlessly for your gracious cooperation. If any additional questions, concerns or issues arise in the meantime, I will ask that you not hesitate to send them in my direction. I will perform my duties to the best of my abilities, as always.

It was an absolute pleasure to correspond with you, and I look forward to our next interaction.


John M.
2K support

Theresa W., Feb 15, 3:18 PM:
Hello Skrewyluie!


We would like to apologize for any inconvenience that this progression reset has caused you. Our development team is working hard to resolve this issue, and we have an updated procedure. As we do not have the ability to manually grant you your progress like levels, perks, badges or mastery back, we would like to offer to unlock all characters to make up for the inconvenience of your lost progression.

In order to assist you with this resolution, we will need the following information from you:


Your email address associated with your My2k account:

Please send us your screenshots or pictures of your Xbox One Gamertag/ PS4 ID as it appears on the characters’ leaderboards, with the character that is currently locked, but which you had unlocked before.

(The entire screen has to be visible.)

This can be either:

A character unlocked from the Tier 2 or 3 hunter.


Any of the other monsters. (not Goliath)

Please take note that we will not be able to give you back your level, perks, badges or mastery.

NOTE:* If you do not have a My2K account, please create an account and link it with your Evolve account. To create a My2K account, please go to and in the top right corner click on “Sign up”. Select to sign up with your email and follow the steps through the sign up process. For additional information please click on My2K accounts or How to link them to your Evolve game
Once we have received this information we will escalate this ticket for your character unlocks to be processed.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation.

Kind regards,

Theresa W.
2K Support

Skrewyluie1995, Feb 16, 12:02 AM:
Dear, Theresa W.

Though I am thankful for the help you have offered I am afraid I have nothing locked to me for I have once again have gained almost everything that was lost to me. I however am still missing my rightful scores on the character leaderboards along with the hunter mastery points I strided so long to achieve. I understand you do not have the power to change that but I wish to assist in preventing this from happening again.

Dear, John M.

The platform that I am cursed to endure this torment is the Xbox one. As for being in the alpha it seems that whoever was in charge of giving people access to the alpha seemed to be far too incompetent to give me an alpha key. I was in the open beta though, for Xbox one, through the time I played the beta I of course was rank 30 by its end. As for the official game I had climbed the steps to rank 32 with ease, leaving the underlings in the dust. as for when the unjust reset occurs the time was around the evening, roughly 10pm eastern. I had just finished up making an example of a peasant monster when I received an invitation to a game with more experienced nobles from the Xbox one notification system; I took my time explaining to the peasants that I must take my leave. As I accepted the invitation the game seemed to freeze for a moment and then I found myself in the lobby with my fellow champs, little did I know I was robbed blind of both of my hard earned rank and dignity. As for a receipt I believe this screenshot will suffice. I may or may not have deleted the emailed receipt.

I blacked out the needless information that has no relation to Evolve, hope you don’t mind. as for the leader boards this is my current status across all the leader boards for characters I bother playing as.

I am missing some of the hunters due to the fact that it seems that I do not appear on the leader boards at all for them but I do have them unlocked. I hope this information will assist in locating the problem and putting an end to it.

from yours truly,


p.s John you rock.

John M., Feb 16, 6:27 PM:
Dearest Luie,

Eternal thanks for your prompt and informative responses. It is truly my pleasure to interact with one of such a distinguished pedigree. My apologies that our complimentary unlocking does not apply for you, but I am unsurprised. Your rightful scores are very important to us, and like I have previously mentioned, our team of underling developers is working their fingers to the bone to solve the issue plaguing the nobility. We really appreciate one such as yourself assisting us in our quest - we hope to figure out the solution as soon as we possibly can.

In the meantime, please keep an eye (two, if you can spare them) on the official 2k and Evolve Twitter accounts: @EvolveGame, and @2K for any updates and/or patch releases. And if anything additional or separate comes into your glorious thoughts, I beg that you not hesitate in sending them my way. I will aid you in any way that I am able. I am hoping you have the most lovely of nights.

Happy hunting, my liege.

(Thank you for this - made my day brighter and I hope I eased the pain of the resets for you. :slight_smile:


John M.
2K support


…Is this legitimate, o are you embellishing? Perhaps 2K isn’t all that bad. Kudos to John M. and Theresa W. for that if it was real.


That must have been a blast to find in your inbox.
Quite fun to read!



I thought this topic was gonna have an ironic name, pleasantly suprised


Obvious troll is obvious troll my thread is genuine and made so by officials from 2k and TRS confirming it so. Op is trolling.



Anyways, this is really funny. Regardless of whether it is reelz or not.


There is always that person in every company’s Customer Support.Since the one who sends them wants to have fun they provide him with more fun.

I remember talking to activision support about a COD with MLG terms and they threatened to #NOSCOPE420YOLOSWAG me


Sucks that they won’t restore ranks though. :frowning: I’m considering just stop playing until this is fixed.


Lololol that is awesome. Nice thread lol.


Real or not. Ive never liked nice customer service. A nicely toned conversation that still gets you nothing is no better than a harsh one that gets you nothing either.


I see it the otherway around, they are just the support group, the messanger for the true evil and they do not deserve to be treated like dirt for something they have no control over.

Also the conversation is indeed real, I was taken by surprise when John responded the way he did and couldn’t help but chuckle.


That is an interesting way to look at it. Dont get me wrong I do not attack them. I just prefer brevity and punctuality. Im weird I guess.


I understand, there is nothing wrong that.

I am just sad that these people have to put up with a bunch of angry customers and have no power to aid us so they end up getting chewed up for it while the devs do their thing.


Then you missed a very amusing read!