The Behemoth patch can't come soon enough


I badly want to play Behemoth, but we all know he’s too weak to be playable right now. Just sayin’.


I don’t think he’s unplayable, if anything I think he’s pretty strong atm.


The Behemoth is actually still pretty good even with the bug. He might become borderline OP with the change.


I lose 90% of my matches playing as Behemoth. And I don’t lose more than 33% of my matches playing as other monsters. Something is amiss there.

The only thing that brings Behemoth close to playable is the roll-hit exploit. And that is not a valid tactic.


Yeah, that’s MaddCow. He doesn’t lose. Mortals like us have a harder time.

Behemoth isn’t unplayable, you just need to account for his buggy disadvantages.


I lose :stuck_out_tongue: I just fill it’s a very different type of Monster play that is needed. I feel it is stronger than people think. Just like I thought Wraith was arguably weak before the nerf. However, my thoughts aren’t echoed by many. Tis a lonely road I graze.


Well, can you say that you win most of your games playing as Behemoth (ie, more than 50%)? Because if so, I’ll be happy to know your secret.


As behemoth you pretty much have to prepare for a s1 fight or be really sneaky. I usually rush a buff then go straight to the best nook on the map. Also helps to have one of those unclimbable pillars to run around.

The worst thing about Behemoth is finishing the game for me, because hunters with any sort of vertical distance can jp dodge for a while and stall for the dropship.


I haven’t lost a single game as Behemoth currently. The best advice I can give is to be aggressive. Go for an Evolve as soon as you can like always, but if you get domed you need to put the pressure on the Hunters, not the other way around. You have the large health and armor pool because you are supposed to fight. By using knockbacks/walls you should be able to force them out of a comfortable zone. Don’t be afraid to get close. Don’t use wind up attacks while looking at the major damage dealers (Assault + Ballistic Support). Learn the art of comboing.


Behemoth is situationally powerful. He dies the fastest out of any monster when fighting in poor terrain, and can easily win at stage 1 in other terrain. The key is to find the best spots on each map and just always fight there.


I actually went 2-0 last night to get back to an even 1.0.

I go with the speed perk and last night I was going with 2 Fissure and 1 Rock Wall and I completely stopped getting Tongue Grab because it’s too buggy right now.

Since nobody is using Maggie right now i lead some false tracks at the start and then sneak off in a different direction. Then I try to make it into a cave so I can feed as much as possible without carrion birds, while also limiting the effectiveness of Gobi (the most played Trapper right now).

If you’re quick enough you can get to Stage 2 and when the hunters finally catch up to you, make sure you get domed inside a cave or somewhere else with narrow areas so you can take full advantage of your abilities and rolling attack. Getting domed in the open with differing elevations is gg for Behemoth.


I’m not saying one way or another, but I played against a Behemoth last night. He wrecked the shit out of us three matches in a row. That roll spam is super powerful…


I’m just playing him solo, maybe by the time they fix him I’ll have the elite skin. So there’s that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Really? No tongue grab? I use everything, but rockwall because it almost never works.
I mainly use his fists over ability attacks anyway though. When rockwall gets fixed I’ll use it.
Tongue grab needs work too, but I can still use it better than rockwall. It’s really one of his most needed abilities for those situations where the hunters like to stay up high.


Okay, I’ll take that advice. I figured as much, about having to just go for broke whenever you get domed.

This “wind up” attack you mention though, is definitely an exploit, even if it’s by design. It’s simply never going to occur to most players that they have to do this roll-attack thing, so it needs to be nerfed and replaced with something legitimate, like an armor buff.


I won around 4/5 games with behemoth last night . Several of the games I won at stage 1 by baiting the hunters into fighting me in favorable areas (low ceiling, narrow, water, dangerous wildlife, etc) and taking damage before starting the fight by pot shotting them with long distance lava bombs. The one I loss was against a laz and completely one sided mostly because of a bad dome that had a loop the hunters could fit through but not me.

If you get caught lvl 1 you need to be ready to fight and be aggressive like MaddCow says. Against teams with sunny and any form of slow or cc, you are most likely not going to be able to escape and evolve without killing anyone. Sunny will just jetpack boost the assault or crow/griffin 150 meters towards you and you won’t be able to get enough armor or be able to evolve by the time the next dome is ready. On desert/dry maps, you will want to take out the nomad/move speed buffs at the start of the match if you can’t secure an damage resistance buff. Lava bomb is probably the best skill for dealing with sunny since you can blow up the shield drone reliably and deal damage around it.


By Wind Up I mean your long casting time moves. Lava Bomb + Rock Wall. The ‘casting’ takes a while to ‘wind up’ before it happens. So you expose your chest.


He is pretty much all about hitting that tongue grab, hoping the pulled Hunter doesn’t bug out of the stagger prematurely and burst him down with fissure + roll attack abuse. Rinse repeat.
Still, he really is only viable against bad teams right now, but fun to play occasionally nonetheless.


Maddcow is the god of madness… We know they couldn’t win, such an idea would be- well insane…


I still use him I only loss to like two groups out of 10 (pre mades from this forum two kept jumping out of domes as trapper)