The Behemoth is extremely frustrating


I like the Behemoth. I’ve been hyped for the Behemoth since before the game came out. The Behemoth is fun.

The problem is that there’s lots of things that make not want to play it ever. The bugginess of Rock Wall certainly doesn’t help, but there’s bigger issues.

My biggest gripe is probably stasis vs the Behemoth. Stasis just ruins its roll so badly, Abe or notably Crow can literally (Not figuratively) keep pace with your roll if they just keep stasis on you, which isn’t particularly difficult.

Vs random teams he can be fun, vs organized teams I’d honestly rather not play the game. Escaping vs a team that knows how to successfully chase is just insanely unpleasant.

I’m also not fully convinced that the damage it takes isn’t bugged somehow. I totally get that a big part of it is going to be it’s slow and has a huge hitbox, so more damage will get applied, but even wildlife seems to hit far too hard.

All complaints aside, things I’d like to see changed are fairly simple.

I really don’t think Stasis has any business working vs the roll. (Or at least to a much lesser extent) considering how the Kraken, Goliath, and Wraith can all shrug it off reasonably well with traversals.

Lava Bomb feels really clunky. I’d really appreciate being able to continuously aim it during use or have it be used much faster, as is it just doesn’t feel good to use it.

Rock Wall needs to be reliable. It’s just not. I get that it doesn’t spawn wall segments under large wildlife, but sometimes it just doesn’t spawn one for seemingly no reason.

I’d like to see Fissure be slightly wider or also be used faster, as is it really shouldn’t hit hunters unless it unexpectedly goes up terrain or something, not as much of an issue as other things.

Most importantly is the Behemoth just dies disgustingly quickly. Assuming there’s nothing wrong and everything is working as intended, it’s insane how quickly it dies. Having more functional health than other monsters is super, but you definitely don’t feel like a tanky rock monster at all while playing the Behemoth.


I really, really want to like the Behemoth but he feels weak. Vs any amount of coordination he’s just not fun to play because he has a lot of issues.


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