The beginning of the end for monsters


I’m seriously worried about the proposed changes.

-The magical deafness to dome and dome VO is a horrible idea in my opinion. Couple that with group stealth and we are both deaf and we can’t scent them either. I don’t need realism in a game like this but this change is absurd. That is basically a never fail system is trapper is stealthed. A great monster that is paying attention should have a significant chance to get away. Right now this chance is minute with stealthed trapper, something that every support in game can do.

-Sound spikes detecting stealth. Seriously guys? Stealth is already useless against the most played trapper, Maggie. Stealth is already fucked by RNG birds as well. Now stealth is detected with sound spikes and clearly destroying them will auto reveal you anyway. Stop eliminating play options please. The size is also increased? Do you not see spike coverage on some of the smaller maps? It is already covering everything nearly.

-Wraith, from glass cannon to glass ASS. There is no other way to view it. She needed a mobility nerf. Getting away was her problem. She always got away, dashed around, warped around etc. That should have been the fix, what you did was destroy wraith in all respects. Her supernova was her “cannon”, this cannon could already be 100% negated by just jetpacking out of the area. As it stands now you expect the weakest character that melts under seconds of direct fire to slowly melee one person at a time to try and win. If you want supernova to be shorter it needs to be rangeless. This would be like making hydes grenades do a lot of damage but if the monster leaves the AOE, all hyde can do otherwise is punch it. These changes would be fine if wraith’s health pool wasn’t a joke. As of now she melts, mobility and cannon was all she had. You destroyed cannon, made the other abilities so slow that only someone picking their nose couldn’t dodge, and apparently expect her to win fights by slapping one person at a time. GG wraith

On top of all the direct and indirect monster nerfs most of the hunters were buffed. I just can’t help but wonder if this is the beginning of the end for anyone who enjoys monster. Pigeonholing monsters into a playstyle and making it hunter favored.


You say this as if its set in stone. Give it time for people to see how it unveils. If it doesn’t work, then we will have people coming here making threads about it.

Every variable in this game can be changed, let the Dev’s get their telemetry and see how it goes.


I was surprised to not see anything for monster players in the balance stream.

Half of those matches had hunters stomping monsters.

They need to focus on making the Monster aspect + gameplay more fun. Right now its a unpopular pick to be monster simply because playing as monster = run, eat, evolve to stage 2 by 3-4 min mark or die.

Its frustrating playing against premades or a rather good team as a monster because there is nothing but running.


They have run the stats and the most used trapper is Abe. Sound spikes can be destroyed by wildlife as well. This is a fact, I have been behind a monster and then notified that a sound spike far away was destroyed. Sound spikes do not cover everything, and trying to place them in such a manner will make them useless.


Not true, it’s running until Stage 2. I got out of a monster game where I downed their trapper until he died at stage 1 and lost no health in the process.

Monster is extremely difficult in high-level play however, so I feel they should get some sort of buff. I don’t know what, but something.

Another game, I was stage 1 for 10 minutes. Guys wouldn’t get off my ass; never domed me once though. Got to Stage 2 and then killed them all. It’s all patience and outplay. Did I mention it was on Power Plant? The smallest map?


That is incorrect Macman already said who is the most used trapper tonight:

Believe it or not, Maggie is the Trapper of choice at the moment for level 30+ games. She has a dominant win/loss ratio there.


I suppose I should have clarify, getting to stage 2 means you have a chance. If you get to stage 2 that is. I just feel with monster being such a unpopular pick they would atleast take a look into it.

From my experience, premades and skilled players roflstomp monsters quite easily. Perhaps that is my experience only so far.


Last time I saw a stat Abe outgunned everyone by quite a bit. Maybe that changed. Or it might have been overall. Maybe it’s a bunch of players trying to test out the new Maggie patch? I don’t use her, other than Daisy I hate her. Hate her harpoons, hate her gun. I love Griffin and Abe though. The other points are valid though, sound spikes can be easily avoided, hell I’m still trying to find a fool proof way to track the monster with the spikes. The monster can see the sound spikes with their scent, so they can try to avoid them, you just have to be smart about it, which is what this game is about.


Sadly it is true most cases. I see myself as a very competent monster so I can put up with a lot more strategy than most.

Monster does need some help getting to Stage 2. Just a little bit of help. I don’t know what though.


As a monster player…I can’t say I agree.

My only real issue with monster play is that carrion birds are far too random atm.


I’m just glad Cabot’s and Markov’s damage got nerfed, going up against good Markov, Maggie, Cabot and Caira/val teams were a pain because no matter where you hid, Cabot was always doing assault damage and if you tried to focus any of them you’d be stopped by trap harpoons and Val tranqs. Meanwhile Cabot is damage amping you whilst Markov electrocutes you from behind and lets not forget the mines spread out across the area.



If you cannot agree, do you disagree?

I myself am neutral on the topic. A buff would be nice but as I said; I don’t know how we can buff the monster. I love monster but against those good teams; I can only do one game at a time cause of the stress <_>


My only problem as monster is carrion birds. I always get them rapidly at stage 1 and rarely at stage 2.


just a suggestion but how about monster gets 4 points at level 1 and only 2 at level 3 and maybe starts with an immunity to carrion birds for a few mins or while stage one then increase the rate a bit for stage 2 and 3


the % for birds should be lowered for stage 1 is my suggestion


Are you sure sound spikes detect stealth monsters now?


Well I disagree with all of the OP’s suggestions.

I do think something to entice the monster to attack earlier or at least fight when domed would be good.

And I mean entice. Not punish. If the monster gets domed, it’s supposed to be a battle, not a smaller scale chase. And I think incentives for the monster to fight would be good, would still take skill to fight at stage 1 but you would be rewarded for the heightened risk.

What this would be, I don’t know. I do think that Carrion birds throw the game to the hunters too much, especially since it ruins truly stealthy openings. Like going up to the back of the dam, carrion bird frequency often makes this a bad idea. I’ve played against monsters who were right next to us in the landing area but they were so sneaky we had no idea. Until he tried to eat his second creature of the game and birds came down.

It’s a bit ridiculous atm. Those are my issues with the monster currently. I don’t have any suggestions right now though on how we could alleviate these problems.


pretty much. TRS games always favored humans (L4D, L4D2) and this is no different :smiley:


If you are within 15 meters of the sound spike, it will detect you regardless of if you are sneaking or not.


Oh okay I thought he meant it would if you were within 60 meters. I think that’s a reasonable change.