"The Beginners Guide" Game Discussion

Alright, so I know that there’s probably a thread about this somewhere, but I just finished the game and wanted (/needed) to have a conversation about it.

SPOILERS (you’ve been warned)

It’s such an unbelievably deep game that actually made me cry. But, the more I think about it, the more I start to think that it was less of a true story and more of metaphor for a specific situation in the world, especially in the online community. Many people believe that they understand someone by seeing little snapshots of their lives in different mediums, like through social media, blogs, Youtube, or more relatably, through the video games they make.

In this specific situation, Davey looks at “Coda’s” work and starts to try to make sense of it; to find a reason why he’s making these games and, in turn, come up with a solution to help “Coda”. But, in reality, Coda was just being Coda. He was making games that didn’t always have as deep of a meaning as Davey was reading into. Davey was taking Coda’s work, showing it to other people, and telling them he had some phycological disorder all just to make himself feel useful by thinking he’s helping Coda. He did all of this against Coda’s wishes and was reading into his life too deeply that he couldn’t see what he was doing. Coda wasn’t his problem to fix in the first place and Davey didn’t realize until it was too late.

Now, I think this goes so much deeper than I actually know. For those of you who have played it or even just watched it, what do you think? For those who have yet to play or haven’t even heard of this game, I strongly encourage that you pick it up or at least watch it on Youtube. It’s a great story and has such an abstract lesson/ meaning behind it.

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Yeah, I guess there’s that thread, but they’re not really talking about the game, so I’ll keep this one :smile: