The Batray Cave - Heroes Needed

(image by @halo)

Hello forums! I study game mechanics and write guides as a hobby. I wrote The Greatest Show on Shear: A Detailed Guide to the Mechanics of Evolve and The Most Dangerous Game: A beginner’s guide to tracking and trapping. I am looking for a group of Evolve players on PC that can help me to test game mechanics and verify patch changes. In the past I could do most of those tests alone or with help from a real life friend or two thanks to the special tools I had access to. As I predicted in the linked post however, that ability will be going away soon. Unfortunately for us as a community, I did not predict that a very large set of changes will be coming to our game in the near future. Having worked for hundreds of hours independently to try to ensure that our community would one day have a good understanding of the game they love, I am troubled to see that we could be losing a significant part of that appreciation soon. I strongly believe that the better a player base understands a game’s mechanics the more intimately they can engage with the game.

To that end, and without the ability to independently verify changes and keep an accurate record of shifting game mechanics and data alone, I am asking for your help. I am asking you to be the heroes that Evolve deserves, but not the ones it needs right now. I need players that are willing to join me in custom games to verify patch changes and test existing mechanics. I have created the following steam group for this purpose:

Anyone can join the group, and I appreciate moral support, but please only join if you actually intended to help test in some capacity. I won’t have anything like a regular schedule for testing, but you can guarantee that when a patch comes out I will definitely want to test almost everything in it. I live on the east coast in the US and I work a 9-5 job, so any testing would take place when I’m not at work. Having a mic and being able to connect to Mumble or Teamspeak servers is also very useful in this testing.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this group is not to play games of Evolve. The group’s mission is to perform tests to verify or gather information that will edify Evolve’s community.

Several heroes in the community have helped me with testing and various other efforts in teaching in the past. Here are a few of them in no particular order:

@halo, @Onetrolltorulethem, @Seedsy, @The_Mastermind, @Deadrebirth, @Sidewaysgts, @HeathOnline


Amazing name and drawing! XD

Who’s Batray though? >_>


Obviously this is a reference to Batrayman, and his base of operations the Batray Cave. You know, the hero and his hide out?


It’s Crow, isn’t it.


Gobi is a Batray. This is taking a humorous jab at the fact that Shear lacks bats, and has Batrays instead.

EDIT: Thus, the hero, Batrayman.




Derp, I meant BatRayMan, didn’t notice the man part.

Technically, they are bats, Caira shouts it during a bird sign.


Well, “birds” aren’t really birds, either. They’re called such because they’re the closest relate-able things. It is more for familiarity’s sake than anything else.


Yeah, yeah, I think I get you.


whos his main villain though




This is a good answer.


I might join…not sure how much help I would be since I have never done anything like this.


If you can follow basic instructions in game you can help. You don’t need any special knowledge or experience.


I joined, if I’m online I’ll be willing to help out!


I am still in school (freshmen year) if that changes anything, I do go only half-days, and 4 days a week. So I may be here, or I won’t.


Whenever I’m looking to test things I’ll just message people that are online in the group on steam. If you aren’t online that’s fine. If you ever need my help testing anything you’re curious about, also feel free to message me.