The Basilisk Rebellion, the Mutagen Wars, and Slim



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So where are the files on the 6th monster?


love all the story you wrote so far and i believe the rest would be pretty awesome too. hope one day i'd had a chance to read them all. thank you @Matthew you got all my respect and appreciation.


Enders game confirmed


While is everyone in that anime so god damn chiseled?


Well, that gif was from the ova

eh that's the art style I guess. It also started off as a satire of another anime making fun of how ridiculously manly they were.


I was doing Warframe stuffs and this image made me think of you. If you don't know who Mesa is, it's the Warframe pictured there.


I suspect that word right there was very carefully chosen...


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I doubt slim will just roll over and die if val want a piece of him. His enhancement, training (which involves a focus on stomping ppls's ship In bloody close quarter combat) and culminative combat experience day in and out will put his skill on par or superior to val whose focus is on...espionage and sabotage, not straight SAS stuff. Best the girl can do is set him up in the open and pop him with the sniper rifle. From what I know, a bounty for a basilisk soldier will feed a man for life. If slim can't fend for himself outside a unit, some bounty hunter, CIG 9 agent or Abe would end him s long time ago.


Except it's been confirmed that if there was a fight between Slim and Abe that Abe would win.

Make him better but not bulletproof.

is much less he basically got thrown into action with very little training. He would have picked up a lot of bad habits.

actually ends up making him worse because of PTSD

He does it by moving out to the far arm and staying away from civilization so the bounty hunters and cig 9 agents don't know where to start looking.


A bir more than a month has passed, is the story ready? :smiley:
I hope that's the case so that we may have a teaser of how the monster looked like, even though that won't be the case. ;~;


Against slim it wouldn't be a one sided fight for sure. But I don't see it being an even fight either.


This is great reading. Very very interesting


This is amazing


Which corporations controlled the Basilisk Nebula before the revolution? I saw from one of your old lore posts that the Lazarus device used by Hub against the Basilisk Soldiers had Celestial, Rajat and PITRE tech in it; by process of elimination would that make NORDITA the unlucky souls who fought on the losing side? Or does that company straight not exist anymore?


The worlds of the Basilisk Nebula were under Hub’s control. They were rebelling against Hub.