The Basilisk Rebellion, the Mutagen Wars, and Slim


So how many battles have their been?


gettin ready for that new fiction knowledge drop.


Well we know the last of the civilians escape from Shear and its just Cabot and gang left. I highly doubt they beat all the monsters so at this point its just surviving until they can leave, right?


There was one, and the humans lost and evacuated.


Markov can solo the monsters. Always stage 3!



Any battles on other planets? Other than Factor, Shear, and the level 3 colony that Gorgon took over?


fixed for ya :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah! I've got a whole list of failed colonies and missing ships and other unexplained interstellar phenomenon that are actually the result of the Monsters.

No, you may not see it.




That's no fair matt. Wihtholding juicy info. Why must you torture me so? Who knows how much Val info you could be witholding.


I have a list of Val's CIG9 missions, both her filed reports and the Deputy Chief's, so you get two sides to the story.



Pease Matt. OH please, I would forever be in your debt. OH come on, I'm vals biggest fan. Come on, I'm tearing up from this news. Please please plesae please please please.

It's like having a carrot dangling in front of me. The torture....


"Always leave 'em wanting more." P.T. Barnum


That's not even remotely fair though. You get all the good stuff. Will that info become available anytime? I would love to read it.


I want to believe, but this is one of those situations where all Mattew has to do is say he has information, if he does we want it, but even if he doesn't and is just making the whole thing up right now to stall for time, we can't prove it, so we want it. GG


There's a chance he could be. But I he doesn't strike me as the lying type. I mean, yeah it's the internet sure but considering he's been letting out lore bit by bit over the months, wouldn't surprise me if he does has that stuff written down. I must get my hands on it though.

I need to know Val. She's just so badass.



You hold true to your name.


I was gonna use a gif.. but plaff told me not use it anymore