The Basilisk Rebellion, the Mutagen Wars, and Slim


The question is, would Val be strong enough to defeat slim's enhancements.

Slim is a grunt super soldier, while Val is a normal spec ops soldier.

If they did get into a fist fight, would Val be able to crack through Slim's bullet proof shell, and would slim's enhanced strength and senses give him enough of an edge to defeat Val's vastly better training.


The exo-skeleton never said anything about being bluntproof. Only bullet proof. I'm sure sharp objects and fists would still do a number on him.

As for super strength. That will play a role. I hold true to that "skill>natural" anytime.

Only @Matthew would know. But I'd put my money on Val (no Bias).


If it can stop a bullet traveling supersonic how could it not stop a human fist, that would be blatantly ridiculous. The only way hub could deal with them is by melting them down with high powered acids.

The thing that I would wonder about is his joints, twisting those the wrong way with the right leverage can be devastating.

I don't think it would be as cut and dried as Val wins due to superior training alone, Slim does hold a rather large number of advantages that aren't all particularly well known.


I'm pretty sure that Slim while bullet resistant is a much more humanoid version of the basilisk troopers than the gen 2 and probably has less armour.

Besides if she is going after Slim she'll have the weapons necessary to kill him. She works for a CIG9 they definitely have the information on what they are weak too and weapons designed to kill basilisk troopers for their agents.

Also if you look at him he has scales I'm sure there are weaker points like joints that you could dig a knife into.


Oh it's not cut and dry for sure. Bullet proof skin works like shields in Halo. It can stop bullets and stuff but when it comes to fists and the like it won't stop it as effectively. Velocity plays a part.

Hence why Chem troopers were used. The shells protected against high velocity projectiles but it couldn't stop chem spray, or in hydes case fire.

Oh yeah then there's bone breaking/joint. Of course that can cripple either one badly.


Well, most weapons will be stopped with some exceptions. i.e. The chemspray since it breaks down the chemical bonds holding the chitin together. I think at that point, only the more heavy rounds will be able to make it through the strong exoskeleton.

That or a knife placed in between the plates of chitin to attack him directly, but you would have to get uncomfortably close to do that.

Also, last time I checked, kevlar stops fists, knives, and bullets fairly well so I would assume that punches to slim would be nothing in comparison to a bullet.


Kevlar is different from shells.


Really well done. I love that you share these.


kevlar stops slashes but a sharp point can still go through if you stab with enough force. Yeah punches are very much cushioned by body armour.


Don't forget Slim may have an exo-skeleton BUT it's not the same durability all around his body. His neck and joints areas would probably be softer.

In any case I still give it to Val. I mean basilisk soldiers aren't exactly "new" anymore. Mathew even said if he was a threat Val would make him disappear. money's on Val.


I would like to write Torvald's story, we'll see. I may have some time.


No, Hyde and Laz fought for Hub. They're veterans. Being out here in the Arm doesn't change their legal status, though if they threw in with the Corps in a skirmish against Hub that would change.


I interpret that more as locked away in a room and throw away the room. Rogue Val, on the other hand...


This reminds me, I'd like to get hold of Priest as a paperback as it sounds like an interesting read... but I'm guessing from everything that I'm seeing that it's print run sold out a while ago?

Could you confirm @Matthew? If so I'll have to steal my wife's Kindle for a while instead :wink:

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Can he have a boyfriend, girlfriend or son who got eaten?


I woman of her background would certainly know about their chinks in the armor, like breaking Slim's neck would be a very compelling option. Also stabbing himmin the eye could be an option the groin of most insects are squishy so that could work too,,

But of course Val like Batman will never fight Slim unless she was prepared to with the right Intel and equipment.

I did too, I'm loving Val even more now. Also the part where she may had unintentionally killed a child and if anything were to happen to Jack is really scary. Val is one scary lady you shouldn't mess with.
Thanks @matthew.


Was this at all inspired by the Ender's Game series? I'm in the middle of reading it and some of it really reminded me of it.


The print version is On Demand, meaning if you order one, they print one.

But I don't recommend it, the text is old and out of date. Revising the kindle version is super easy. Revising the print version is a colossal pain in the butt.


Not consciously. Not on my end at least. I read the first Ender book, I liked it, but it didn't leave a lasting impression on me.


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