The Basilisk Rebellion, the Mutagen Wars, and Slim


So were the taxes even that outrageous then?


As an American, I always thought the Rebellion was similar to the American Civil War.


Depends on who you ask. Someone like Slim would not have noticed the difference between life under the "yoke of Hub oppression" and "independance." His take-home pay would not have changed. But he never thought he was fighting for lower taxes, he was sold a promise of self-governance without thinking about the fact that they were already self-governing with the exception of Hub taxes.

But the guys running the show, yeah they'd be making more money.


It's a combination of the American Revolution, the American Civil War, and the First World War.


Hm. So the lower and middle class wouldn't have really noticed a difference, as the only difference would have been taxation. Interesting.

Can we also get any insight as to what Slim's life pre-war was like? Honestly, he seems to be the hunter with the most interesting history.


Great writing! I almost feel sorry to smash Slim to bits.


I figured it was a mix of the American Wars, didn't know about the WWI though.


I like this story. The Evolve Universe seems less governed by traditional state power, but corporate power. Companies sponsoring colonies to gain resources and expand their influence. These tech titan corporations reaching farther and farther out in the cosmos in an effort to escape regulation all the while striving for monopoly and domination. All of em manipulative and uncaring, happy to let their living assets bear the brunt of their financial conquest. Damn, the historical perception with which this conflict was penned get's my red and black commie juices flowin. Still love killin that bug in game though.


The Far Arm is run by what's called Corporate Feudalism. Hub has a very strong, classical, central government, but the Far Arm is like "What if Wells Fargo, Standard Oil, and Central Pacific Rail bought the West from the American government?" Like, they own it. There is no California government, there's just a bunch of corporations.


And the thing about this is; these are all Hub companies. Rank-Rajat, NORDITA, Celestial, these guys all have their HQs on Earth.

They have their own private armies, they prepare for war with Hub all the time. While being their #1 trading partner. It's like America and China, or IBM and Microsoft.




I like your "what if" scenario with Corporations buying the government as Science Fiction. Some would argue it may not be fiction anymore :wink:


What an interesting an terrible universe. The effort in the world building greatly enhances the in game experience for me. Val's past now seems less like a James Bond film and more like it blurs the line between corporate and traditional espionage. Field missions mixed with hours of tedious research to bring rogue companies to heel or perhaps undercut/eliminate competition. Slim seems an even sadder character beyond his hinted PTSD and failed revolt. Not only did he fail, not only did he lose his comrades, his cause was never just, it was fueled by the shallow will of his home world's companies. Damn. Nice job @Matthew I mean I can't really connect with Kraken's backstory unless I take some imaginative liberties and fill it in with some lovecraft, but I'll definitely be thinking about the hunter's more when I play.


This is the reason why we need a timeline in-game. I myself find this information interesting, but the only way to access this info is through the forums.


I like this idea, but this fictional universe isn't complete, and even so, it is subject to change undoubtedly. Perhaps when tier 5 is all out and Matt has time to work on all the hunter backstories and how they relate to the history of this universe, we could have a cool timeline of some kind, maybe in the loading screens.


This is so ridiculously amazing. ALL of it. This is like my favorite thread.

I'm like super fan girling out right now but this shit is so cool :heart_eyes:

Can't wait for more lore... :smile:


This is some good stuff.

Although I have to admit, all these rebellions so close to each other makes it a little unbelievable to me.
I would have believed one regular rebellion, followed by one with the 3rd gen basilisk soldiers.
1st and 2nd gen soldiers created in secrecy in a lab before unveiling the perfected 3rd gen.


@Matthew I got a question. Val and Slim don't get along.....but who is more dangerous? And who would likely die first if they ever had to throwdown?


I like that only the 3rd gen were arthropods, which means they probably tried gene splicing with mammals or other dangerous creatures in the 1st and 2nd gen. They probably considered power, not stability when splicing, making multi animal/human hybrids that must have been great and terrible.


Yay! More lore! :smile: I love seeing more into Slim's past, and especially the Mutagen Wars. I've been trying to piece together what happened, and this really makes it clearer.

I was recently bored/inspired and wrote a little Slim story but didn't finish it, but this kind of brings back the inspiration to.

Also, this mention of Hegemony is very intriguing! I finally got a pretty cool idea of Hub and now there's this entirely different civilization we didn't know about.