The Basilisk Rebellion, the Mutagen Wars, and Slim

@Matthew I got a question. Val and Slim don’t get along…but who is more dangerous? And who would likely die first if they ever had to throwdown?

I like that only the 3rd gen were arthropods, which means they probably tried gene splicing with mammals or other dangerous creatures in the 1st and 2nd gen. They probably considered power, not stability when splicing, making multi animal/human hybrids that must have been great and terrible.

Yay! More lore! :smile: I love seeing more into Slim’s past, and especially the Mutagen Wars. I’ve been trying to piece together what happened, and this really makes it clearer.

I was recently bored/inspired and wrote a little Slim story but didn’t finish it, but this kind of brings back the inspiration to.

Also, this mention of Hegemony is very intriguing! I finally got a pretty cool idea of Hub and now there’s this entirely different civilization we didn’t know about.

Hub is beast. Crushed the rebellion likes bugs underneath their boot. Hub isn’t messing around. I wonder where Val was during this.

I loves dis :heart_eyes: IT is sooooooooooooooooooo good.
This is probably my favorite part of the Evolve lore and universe. I love the fact that you put so much thought and detail into the mutagen wars.

Next time can we get more details as to what the first gen soldiers spliced themselves with? The tech behind all of this and the possibilities that there are is what makes this so interesting.

Also, how was the lazarus stuff created and put into place?

oh yea almost forgot,



Slim is a guy who got two weeks training before shipping out. He was a soldier, he fought in several skirmishes. Many of which he couldn’t describe to you because he was just a grunt. He often didn’t know the objective or the strategy, he just followed orders.

Val was a Lieutenant Commander in Sol Guard’s Navy, she did three years in the Navy’s Counter-Insurgent program before being poached by CIG9 and undergoing another 22 weeks of training in the School. She’s experienced with hostage-taking, kidnapping, terrorism and extortion. She knows how to secure locations, neutralize targets, track down fugitives and conduct sniper operations.

She started in CIG9’s Operations division, Airbone. She was expected to deploy from orbit, land, survey a location, neutralize threats and extract high-value targets safely leaving no evidence of her presence in the field. That was before she transferred to Intelligence.

If Val thought Slim was a real threat, he’d just disappear one day and there’d be solid evidence Val was nowhere near the place.


Dammmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…I’m in tears right now (it’s SO AWESOME!!!). I knew Val was dangerous but jesus…F me…Cabot wasn’t lying when he said her dossier was impressive.

I want to know more about Val. She’s SO BADASS!!! Thank you for the info. Thank you very much. I can only give one like…

Oh which reminds me. That dialogue with Val and Jack and Val saying “Kid, I’ve killed people younger then you.” Is that true? Or was it just a scare tactic?

@Matthew why do you have such talent? I crave the lore!!! You should REALLY REALLY do a novel or two. Oh man I’d buy that in a heartbeat.


Evolve 2:The Mutagen Wars!


How about when cabot told val that abe would shoot her if she betrayed them (i read it on the wiki, so i think its canon?), would abe actually be able to do that or was cabot underestimating her?

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Side note for people that are interested in this angle of sci-fi, and haven’t actually watched the show yet, go and check out “Continuum”. It’s not universe spanning, but a common concept of corporations taking control.


Any plans on writing a book, or story/artbook or even a Comic about that? I would love to get my hands on it


The way to look at it, IMO, isn’t of a single body of people repeatedly trying again and again to “break free”, it’s individual worlds and governments cascading war by war in to the conflict. As Matthew says, check out how the American Civil War built up, it’s fascinating.

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Yet, that is a thing you guys will be working to correct right. I can only imagine what could allow a group to become more advanced than hub.

Do you have any of the larger scale details down, or are they still an enigma you need to fill in, with the only detail being they fought Hub, stalemated, and have superior tech.

Why do I have a slight feeling that the support is going to be from Hegemony? Devs (or Matthew himself) have said that they have a special role in mind for the support in terms of lore, and the hand he has might be some extremely advanced weapon or device

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Question for @Matthew
When will we get to play a campaign and have a mission where we are Slim and we fly around is space?

Hooray for lore!

I just loove reading this stuff!



an army of zoidbergs with jetpacks, perhaps they get ink sacks and crab walk away in retreat.

without spoiling much, is there the faintest possibility of a hint… if the tier 5 monster is vaguely related to Bassalisk mutagen tech…

(._. )

Im not certain what country you’re from, but corporate power is the tradiational power in the U.S…

Ah, Negative.


Sorry about that. I feel like I was the main proponent of that Theory before you crushed my fragile little dreams :wink: