The Banner Saga


Finally just started and have almost finished it. I keep listening to the awesome soundtrack and really just love the novelty of the armor/strength mechanic as well as the way they were able to combine turn based strategy and The Oregon Trail and somehow make an immersive and beautiful world - From only 3 people. Talk about it. If you want to.


Admittedly I only first heard about this game through the whole Candy Crush name debacle. However I’ve heard nothing but great things about it and will definitely pick it up. I really love the game’s overall art direction.


Yea I was kind of skeptical but all the good things I’d heard were accurate. Each character has an armor and strength value. Strength is both health and how much damage you do where armor is damage reduction. 5 armor vs someone with 10 strength is going to do 5 damage. So you’re stuck between doing an armor break to let other characters do more and more damage to them or attack their damage/health so that they hurt you less. It’s kind of weird to explain but in practice it’s pretty simple and was really refreshing and new. I was very impressed.


I bought it a while back. Haven’t played it yet. Looks great though.


really good game, though I felt it got cut a little short. The final fight was also a bit silly and unreasonably hard beyond the point of really even being meaningfully strategic so that was a bit upsetting


Almost at the end, will check back after going through said fight. @MacMan It’s a great game to just play here and there. I also had it from some sale earlier in the year and just started it last week. Been playing bits now and then from 10 minutes to hour+ and it’s easy to do a fight or story section and then stop at a checkpoint.


I’ve really wanted to play it actually. I didn’t know if I’d like turn based combat, but I fell in love with the new XCOM, and then I am playing Divinity: Original Sin (which I put 90 hours into in few weeks).

Am very curious to try out Banner Saga!


Another really interesting mechanic that I think Banner Saga employs is how they do resource management. After every fight, you receive x amount of renown, which initially you use for upgrading your characters. But you soon find that you also use it for purchasing supplies and items to give buffs. So it definitely introduces an awesome level of stress on how to use your limited resources. Can’t recommend this game enough