The bane of the Behemoth


So today I mastered the Behemoth. Won my first few games (4 games in a row! woop woop!) in a row and figured out a good combination of perks/ abilities that fit my playstyle with him. Most importantly I got my ratio up from 0.12 WLR

Then Sunny and her jetpack happened, and I lost every game after despite doing nothing different. The games before were with the same amount of variation of hunters but a consistent no show from Sunny…

Is anyone left in doubt about her jetpack booster being too good?!

But at least I have come to find the power in the Bob! And hes working pretty well too!


I think her booster is nice. :smile:


Lol Shin pls!

Its all good when your not the one with a trapper tailgating you as you push everyone out of the way!

Damn slip streamers!


You said it yourself, you used the same tactics each time, did nothing different. That’s what you did wrong.

Different Hunter teams means different strategies.


i had a hard time to win with behemoth but now my ratio is 1.02, haven t lost with behemoth in a while


I feel like Sunny teams are a two edged blade; few times the trapper just caught himself in the dome w me and I ruined the whole team from there! A trapper with two strikes in less than five minutes!


If Sunny is using the jetpack booster to catch hunters up to you and you have rockwall it makes it really easy to separate them from the team and kill them.

If Sunny’s shield drone is giving you trouble try to use lava bombs since they hit multiple hunters her shield will jump between them giving you chances for hits.


I think Sunny’s jetpack is less of an issue for Behemoth than the other monsters, considering he is better equipped to handle stage 1 fights.


My first 10 games with the big guy were atrocious. I think I’ve finally figured out a play style with him that works for me and have Been winning a lot more. I have found that v Sunny that range of safety where you think it’s safe to eat/Evolve/suntan is much further than normal. So when you think you’re safe…keep rolling. The next thing is I try to line up my fissure so that it hits hunters and the shield drone at the same time. And I know it’s kinda cheesy but your roll smash is your best asset…abuse the fuck out of it


It’s not either of them. It’s his getting away ability. With the nerf to his traversal roll up it costs a lot of traversal to go into a ball these days and makes it very difficult to get away.


I have been picking the stamina perk for Behemoth and loving it for this reason. Try it if you haven’t because it feels really good with him.


I can see a tweak to the booster, maybe making it only give you regular bursts instead of making you go at the speed of sound. The shield drone could just use a tiny bit less health. Just a smidge. Everyone usually forgets you can destroy it. IT buys you some time to get damage in


I think the booster should only make your jet pack recharge faster. Fast enough so that you can use jet pack and your jetpack won’t drain but also won’t gain anything. Don’t see the point of extra speed as well!

Sadly I can’t take anything but feed speed. I’ve tried all perks. It’s the only one that allows me to get to stage 2 quick enough and survive the rest of the game. The quicker munching is invaluable for my play style! He just needs that traversal nerf for rolling up reversed. It’s limiting his movement even more rather than the roll hit spam it was intended to help prevent.


This is the key, though, since you actually have to fight stage 1 with behemoth vs sunny. I’ve seen a lot of behemoths lose trying to run /dome dodge vs a team with sunny only to be trapped in a horrible location where they can’t fight back. Even if you survive the dome, you aren’t gonna be able to run away, get full armor or evolve again with sunny constantly jetpack boosting someone to harass / slow you. So against a team with sunny pick a good spot to fight since you most likely won’t be getting away without doing significant damage to the hunters.