The Balance in game of Hunters compared to Monsters for me last night



Ok I know what you’re thinking, oh here we go another one.

Hold your horses one sec. This isn’t such a thing is OP or OMG please nerf this.

Let’s just rise above the usual talking about what a horrible game you had, or who you can’t beat.

I just wanted to share what I experienced when I played last night from around 9.00ish to 2 am. I had small breaks in between of a few minutes ( a guy gotta go tinkle).

This is what I seen when playing with “no pref”. This is an honest account. I’m playing on UK/Europe servers.

Hunters : Most in game had win streaks. Minimum was 4. Maximum was 29 (maggie player).

Monster : IF a monster had a win streak it’s maximum was 3.

Playing as a Hunter:

One monster reached stage 3 and died. Out of all the Monsters I fought 4 won. less than half the Monsters I played against, reached stage 2. Over half of the Monsters died in, or very shortly after the 1st dome. They didn’t make it to the second.

Most Monsters who won had very little health left and no armour. They were close matches. There were no quick whitewashes of our team, despite one where 2 left due to the Monster being an elder Kraken and bots well… yeah bots x(

On mic a good few Hunters said they rarely lose, but this was great fun. When they have lost most games were down to spawn rape. I asked was that the case they said yes.

Playing as a Monster:

I decided not to spawn camp, due to changes incoming, and seeing how the games went when I didn’t start with an early ambush giving me an upper hand. I’ve often not gone far and come to find them stage 1 to start a suprise fight early. I wanted to try and get to stage 2 on these matches, as the game intended.

Most my matches were against Hunters who all had win streaks. Very few had none showing. Most of the hunters I played against did not stick together as a team at the start of the match, and spread out across the map individually. One would dome me (if they found me) and kite waiting for friends. All had high mobility and jetpak perks I presume as most were constantly jumping high in battle etc and staying up for a considerable time.

I reached stage 2 a handful of times after juking, but found that seldom due to the spread of searches. The maps only have a few escape roots, and let’s keep in mind you’re avoiding a popup radius for the dome, not the Hunter’s vision.

If the team had support with a shield, or a Sunny, most of those matches I couldn’t out damage the heals of the team stage 1 or 2. Most of these matches I had to survive each dome and hope to make it to stage three.

A high number of my matches, all the Hunters had the same win streak and really good team comps. They were premade. I’d say very few were pub games now. (i’m nearing level 30).

So those are my experiences of playing both sides.

Now my experiences put aside:

if we look at the leader board. In the UK now in gold Division.

For Monsters there are 4 players.

For Hunters: there are 50.

Make of this what you will.

The whining on these forums will kill the game

Well Wraith and Gorgon are highly OP right now

I have had horrible experiences playing as hunter for 4 games and then switched to a Monster and they were on my tail the entire time…so I think I suck pretty horribly. Aw well, at least their is training


It isn’t just you pal. That’s my point. You don’t suck. it’s not entirely your fault.


Something I’ve noticed is that past level 15 or so less and less people want to be the monster. I used to be able to have no preference and get a good variety of roles, but now if I don’t set preferences I become the monster like 80% of the time. Just today I saw people laugh at the guy “cursed” with being the monster, with the monster player saying damn at the reveal of his role. I wonder low long it’ll be until the monster players just start quitting outright when they get the role.


And right now? It’s WEIRD to see players with 7-8 win streaks. Wraiths, and kraken and even some Gorgons before the patch have usually 15-20-30 or more win streak.


Wraith and Gorgon are highly OP.

Jesus fucking christ, are you people serious? Wraith has been struggling since her initial nerfs and you casuals just want Wraith to be literally unpickable tier. It’s amazing one monster has caused this much salt.

Gorgon is far from overpowered and does her exact job, creates chaos and when you slip the acid, spiders, etc begin to stack good damage. Every match in high level play has the Monsters barely escaping Hunters, with Hunters on the huge advantage, and now we have one of the only Monsters worth picking getting a huge nerf meanwhile the actually overpowered Monster capable of twoshotting or oneshotting your group AT THE DROPSHIP SPAWN is untouched.


A female gotta go say that.


Ha yeah. I’m just getting to thirty now, and getting the Monster for many people seems to be like being selected to be in goal back in the days of playing football at school.

I see people just leave the moment it says they’re monster. I genuinely believe the people you see in game know exactly what’s going on, and love playing against the monster.

I only read different from what i’m seeing on this board. Now either in different regions playing behaviour is different, or the Hunters don’t want the fun to end.

Most of the time playing Hunter for me now, is a cake walk.


Yeah I have to agree here. Wraith is giving people visual problems due to the manic effects etc, but since the alterations, and more are coming, i’m not sure it’s so OP.

Gorgon does well, but you have to set her up most of the time If you’re jumped early, or out in the open, you’re in trouble. As perhaps it should be.


She’s actually been really hard to go up against. For many people[quote=“GeneDaMonster, post:6, topic:92003”]
you casuals just want Wraith to be literally unpickable tier.

No we want all Monsters to be perfectly balanced. That will take a while for an assassin Monster to get there.

She does do what they envisioned, but be adding stackable acid damage that all adds up to be powerful.



Really hard to go up against, For many people.

Care to cite anyone who is struggling that isn’t a fresh greenhorn?

That will take awhile for an assassin Monster…

Homie, Assassins are based on Stealth and Surprise WAPAH I got you. Wraith doesn’t have that, at all really. The only people that will be caught off guard by a Wraith are people who aren’t aware. They’d be caught ‘off guard’ by a Meteor Goliath spamming firebreath as it slow walks at them.

Stackable acid damage is too powerful

It really isn’t. It’s a great mechanic that does nothing but what it should - terrifying acid that eats away at those who fail to respect it and get out of dodge. Constant mobility is what everyone wants against every Monster. You never want to be in a place where your mobility is restricted and a misplay on your part as a Hunter should allow the Monster to capitalize on it and kill your group.

As it stands, doing this was hard before, and now it’s still as frustrating if not moreso than before. I hope you’re ready for Kraken Day because that’s all anyone will play now - it’s only thing capable of doing respectable damage to Hunters and capitalizing on their errors.


Interesting narrative on the forums right now. It’s all about ‘‘HUNTERS OP’’ right now and if you dare to call the monsters more overpowering you get yelled at for being a noob


yeah being monster atm is like asking to lose i have said this in another post but the game allso is allways the same you feed and fight at stage 1 dome then you feed get to 2 and fight again and then fight when dome is up again then if the game is not over you get to 3 and relay fight starts i dont like that its allways the same and ofc there are games where its not like that but i think 90% of my games as monster or hunter its bin like that


Just to make it fair, one of the best Wraith players is helping how to kill a Wraith

:joy: Thanks for the laugh. They pretty much scraped Wraith’s invisibility just to make it easier and then brought back the spammy traversal.

??? 100 WS + 36 AS + 90 Melee Damage Do that also with the ST then that Hunter is dead


A nice list of people complaining about Wraith that aren’t really good or gave it much time and that’s obvious from looking at the first few words of each post.

Also there is nothing wrong with a skilled Wraith making a post about defeating good Wraith’s. Like a good Maggie telling people how to deal with her.

If you want balance, this isn’t the way to go.


It’s been going on since Stage 2 started :wink:

Nope absolutely nothing, just making a point to see how many people do complain and this is what someone did to stop that :wink:


Everyone that’s complained is a confirmed newbie or someone who never cared to get good anyway.


I’ve complained


The_Specialist here is one of our resident Evolve Stage 2 beta defence league of “all is well”.

He means well, he’s a good guy.

I think Wraith maybe a bit much for people like I keep saying, but that will be mostly the new players.

On one hand new players have to be appeased to get in the numbers. Devs have literally said Monsters have not been made as powerful as they wanted, as New hunters would be slaughtered.

On the other hand a Monster player trying to play Wraith against non noobs, doesn’t go well.

Wraith is the John Snow of Evolve. She doesn’t seem to belong properly in either camp for long, and always generates hate.

Poor Wraith :frowning:


If I came across rude, I did not mean to. If I did can you quote it so I can change it