The Balacing Conundrum


So we all try to understand the problem the devs have in front of them. They need to balance a complicated game for high and low skill players. The basic idea of balancing for high skilled players is based around potential. With assualts, for example, balance is centered around the potential damage an assault can do in a given time. This is because highly skilled players will do the highest output. However, lower skilled players need to be based around how much damage can be easily done. Like if a lower skilled player picks up Hyde will he feel helpful or useless. This is mostly important for characters with Torvald. However, there needs to be reward for being better at the game. A DR shouldn’t do as much damage as a silver. The issue becomes whether or not to “dumb down” roles. Hyde for example is very easy to pick up and play. Higher level players can stay near the monster and place better toxic grenades Hyde is balanced at all levels. Torvald, due to the bursty damage of his mortars is very dangerous if you are accurate. However, the mechanics are very unfamiliar. Anyone who doesn’t use it fairly frequently will not be able to hit often. Therefore, there is a much larger skill gap. How can you make him do more damage at low levels but less at high levels. You either have to change the mechanic to something easier and nerf damage ( like we’re seeing with limb damage) or buff shotgun and nerf mortars.
Anyway these are just thoughts not suggestions
I’m interested in hearing if anyone else has any ideas on why the game is impossible to balance.


Now @GentlemanSquirl said a beautiful idea. Behemoth in TU9 is getting a damage reduction ability, so if 100 damage is being done, Behemoth would get a some% damage reduction.

This means if he takes massive amounts of damage, he gets a huge DR, so Torvald can’t shove all his mortars up his butt when he climbs, doing massive damage. This is a great counter to burst damage, because if it is chip damage, there is no DR while when a Hank Orbital drops, he gets a massive DR.

This DR idea could work very well on Wraith since she has to be up close in combat and Torvald, Parnell, Hank, and even Cabot can shred through her. With this DR, she won’t worry about those being a huge threat like they are now.

As for other monsters, I don’t think they need it because of their mitigation levels.

As from a hunter standpoint, competitive teams won’t tear through monsters, but at lower-level ship damage isn’t a major setback and bad aim won’t penalize them, because of the DR. Cabot and Hank would increase damage progress in a short time, so getting to health is faster, but not useless because of the DR.

This is an idea that I love, and it caps competitive play damage but not at the cost of pub play. I would also wish that this is a Customs option, where 2x, 3x, 4x, etc DR can be toggled for the monster. This way bad monster players won’t die outright against good teams even in custom.


It’s not impossible to balance, just difficult.

IMO, the game should not be balanced for people who cannot aim/perform. You mentioned Torvald in your post - if I can’t aim mortars, then they don’t need to be adjusted so I can use them, I need to get better at using them.

This is not to say I think we should flip the bird to pubs, because things have to be made usable for the majority of people, but we should still make players learn to play skillfully before they can be rewarded for using a character well, instead of everyone being able to benefit equally at all levels of play. I should get more damage from Torvald than someone who’s inexperienced should, because I’ve put in time to learn to play him well and know his mechanics. Likewise, someone who plays him better than me should benefit more than I do. Characters should not be changed just because they’re more complex than others. Torvald should not be as easy to use as Hyde or Markov.


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