The awesome Tiger - Goliath Skin is finally back in Store ( Ps4 )


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG it finally happend thank you TRS

my head cant take that


Tiger goliaths are best goliaths :goliath_roar: :tiger:


Do you know what other certain feline skin would great on Goliath?


Wait… They had taken this skin off the store?


Bog is the best imo just bc it camouflages you


They’re grrrrreat!

I have no regrets!


Why were they taken down from the store and put back up?


I agree. When you get to Stage 3 in the Avairy map sit by the relay in the water, wait, let the Hunters leave, and then destroy the relay.

Worst win ever.


Some places never got it to begin with


Is it snow leapord?


Finally!! Our prayers have been heard!


Goliath tiger skin.
Goliath kosmos skin.

Such an elegant language, German.