The Aviary Power Relay Is Hungry


Playing a XB1 Hunt 2.0 match on Aviary when the Power Relay ate Crow. Literally. Take a look.

He was eventually able to escape using a variety of jumps and jetpack dodges, but it took too long and allowed the Monster to reach Stage 2 completely unimpeded. Although we lost at the Power Relay after the Monster staged up to 3, the game really ended at the hungry Power Relay, which trapped the Trapper and doomed us worse than the Ajax. :confounded:


I had that happen to a wraith that abducted Lennox. Both Lennox and the monster got trapped inside. We ended up waiting out the time because we couldn’t damage her.

This was months ago though.


There was another time where parnell was taken



Was that me? I remember being stuck inside a relay once as Lennox.


typical crow. slim would know.

had this happen to me as Jack once when a crowbill launched me into a building.


Abduction in barracks relay causes this to happen

Destilery midde near caves (armadon area ) armadon can stick a hunter into a structure


I think that happened to me once on Aviary as well, but I got out fairly quickly by freaking out on my controller lol

I was playing Trapper as well, not sure if that matters.


It might have been? I honestly don’t remember


Power relay: they are onto us run!!!

it is in the lore that the power relays are almighty beings who eat anything this is why the monsters are trying to destroy them all

to be honest it’s not a surprise they ate crow first. After all crow eats the most healthy stuff on shear


Power relay OP. MAYBE we can turn it against the Mammoth Birds.


ping megamouths as crow next time u play you’ll be in for a good time.


I can think of another thing Crow would like to ping :sunglasses:


Um. joke flies over my head like Gobi after Gobina






you’re better off not knowing friend or are u :crow: