The average gamer and you tube propaganda Artist are killing the industry


Angry Joe’s crap reviewing skill makes me furious, and forces publishers more towards only supporting big name developers and “sure thing” money games.

Angry Joe may have said a lot right, but he paints the game in a far more negative light than it deserves. Destiny could handle it, it was a huge release with millions of copies sold. A game like evolve is much smaller, and a review like his can cause major outcomes to a games population.

People complain about stagnation of gaming, but YouTube propaganda, made by jackasses who villianize developers, so they can make youtube and twitch money, is precisely what is killing gaming. The only games that can survive the industry beat down they get lately is cod, battlefield, madden, and the like.

The gamer is killing the industry, and YouTube junkies are at the tip of the spear. People whine and cry about dlc, but publishers are forcing this to happen. The contracts that the development staff must sign to be able to get there game out there is why dlc is so prevalent. Look at what happened to bungie, and how they were forced to chop up destiny to make dlc, because of publisher contracts. You attacking turtle rock, the developer, does not help the industry. The developer did not set out to make a bad game, and most don’t do it directly for the money. The turtle rock studio device team enjoys the game and the community, and most of you are spitting in their face.

Tldr: Gamers who support people like Angry Joe in bashing developers, are ruining the industry.


Good laugh, Its even funnier knowing your serious


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You understand that this guy exists only because people like you watch him don’t you?

He is something you created.

Yes you.


Who is this Angry Joe person and why should I care about his opinion? :confused:


I was disappointed at the review as well…I’m not even sure how to reply to it I’m so shocked. But, again, he is ANGRY Joe and I feel he is getting on the Evolve IS Bad Bandwagon just because that take fits his persona best. Nevertheless, Evolve wants to roll with the big dogs and so I believe they can stand up to these types of reviews. Yes there’s something to be said…a LOT to be said…about YouTube streamers and their popularity weighing the market and people’s decision-making, but at the same time, Evolve can, and will, weather the storm.


so what you are saying is…

TRS sold their soul to 2k and we should blame 2k not TRS…

which is fair (kind of), except by buying Evolve you also support 2k. Quite a dilemma…


Does not change the fact that most of his opinions are right. I think the lacking in content thing makes alot of sense. This game just needs a constant updating stream of monsters and hunters like a moba and it will be good


A nobody and you shouldn’t care what he thinks.

My point was that every time a person mentions him or makes a thread about him it gives him credibility which he doesn’t deserve since he is just some guy with an opinion like you or me.


Kind of pointless to add more things when many of us can’t even get into a match to play them.


But, but, but… his opinion isn’t like MINE!!!
My opinions are important. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I never watch YouTubers. I think they’re mostly a bunch of idiots trying to get attention. All reviewers are just people with opinions, and since I don’t know them (and whether we like the same things), why would I put their opinion on a pedestal?


Having problems getting the edit to save. I was angry at angry Joe when I wrote it. Can you please remove them for me?


A lot of developers are running into this issue. It is less of a sold their soul, and more of a problem industry. I mean 2k may not be that bad, who knows…


Thank you for understanding and…done. :blush:


Glad you had a chuckle.


2K provided TRS with the budget to create Evolve because it was a project they believed in. That’s what publishers do. 2K’s mistake was not taking the radical position of wanting to support the game after launch, but telling people that was their plan before the release. When two corporate entities work together, it is called a merger. Evolve would not exist if it weren’t for 2k’s budget.

The consumer’s right is to not support the product. The consumer does not have the right to slander a company based on assumption and supposition because they made a business decision that has upset a minority of the customer base. I have seen death threats angled toward the creators of this product in various forums. In no way does that fall into the arena of “rational disagreement.”


What’s so bad about 2K as a publisher? All I can remember about 2K from my past experiences with them is that they have excellent customer support/service and they gave me free DLC for Borderlands 2. When I mentally consider them against EA or Activision, it makes 2K look like Jesus Christ and Mother Theresa decided to open a game publishing company.


Oh come on.

These guys have a marketing department. They have all things planned. They knew all the things that angry dude says way before release. And it didn’t stop them from making the game because their marketing plans showed them that this game will make sales. So they got the publisher’s contract, their salaries and bonuses. And we got the game. Unfinished but in a state good enough to have a “wow unique” effect justifying the incredibly high price.