The average Coop vs AI player is bad. Painfully bad


Trying to get into this new beta map and just having a hard time securing wins with any of the teams I’m getting.

I’m getting medics that don’t attempt to heal anyone, ever. Not even once.

Trappers that use their world scanner and then run off in the completely opposite direction.

None of my hunter teams understand the concept of flanking the monster. It’s just been endless single file chasing.

Stop the madness.


What skill level of hunter were you expecting in the “I don’t want to fight a real monster” mode?

The madness is kind of what co-op is for.


I don’t think the racecar AI is exactly helping any.


I guess I was expecting, at the very least, following this shiny new announcer feature that spells out what you should be doing with each character if you happened to skip the tutorial, that players would know how to fulfill the very basic concepts of their role.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together and realize that the medic class should be trying to heal people.

I’ve gotten hunter allies that die to basic wildlife. Not the ones that pounce or eat you and you die without help, no. Regular wildlife that just tries to hit you. Hunters are dying to that alone. Not running into it while already weak and getting finished off; dying from full health to wildlife.


Every single co-op match I’ve had we’ve easily stomped the monster with 0 difficulty and 0 downs…


So far in today’s efforts I have a minimum of two downs per team.

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I dunno man I’ve played basic co-op and the deepest dark and we’ve won with Laz and kala comps in every mode and I’ve won with my worst trappers and my worst supports. (jack and kala) I still haven’t been downed even in the laz kala comps.


My last Assault in the Deepest Dark map didn’t follow the team and died to basic wildlife shortly after the initial drop zone.


You sure they weren’t just suiciding to speed up the # of matches? You don’t need to win just play 100k matches for the challenge.


racecar AI, I lol’d


I’ve seen hunters die to wildlife even before the challenge started. I don’t think it’s a factor here.


Well I dunno then cause I’ve been picking terrible perks and hunters I’m bad with for fun in co-op vs ai cause me and my pug teams have been stomping AI easily no matter what comps we make.


Co Op players are bad but usually the AI monsters are even worse.

I can see Deepest Dark perhaps posing somewhat of a challenge though if you’re team is terrible.


You just won the internet.


you’re getting medics that dont attempt to heal anyone, not that the coop is bad for that reason.

coop has its own faults actually but not because of this.

there are player monsters in hunt 10X more powerful than ai


He’s calling them mentally handicapped like as in down syndrome.


Oooooooooh… Didnt realize that facepalm


Well, I wasn’t trying to say that Coop vs AI was a bad mode; I’m just playing it and thinking “Come on, allies! There’s a tutorial! Use it!”


Did somebody said deepest dark. What a crap mode :slight_smile: Played once, felt like that Travolta meme (looking around, is that it? We won already…)