The Avengers In Evolve (Fake Tier)


Okay First off I’m going to say that Not all could make it in as I can only fit 4
Assault:Iron Man
Pulsar beam: Shoots pulses of energy from his hands
Hulkbuster: Call the hulkbuster down from the dropship, Allowing you to fight at the monsters level. Any damage it takes cannot be repaired, can only be called down once
Unibeam: continuous beam of destruction Does extra damage to armor

Support:Capt. America
2nd Amendment: a red whit and blue MG
Shield: deflects most oncoming damage. can be thrown for damage but leaves you vulnerable until its picked up
Destroyer beam: borrowed this big gun from S.H.I.E.L.D. Does as much damages as orbital as a single beam. charge time is same as orbital.

Trapper: Hawkeye
Remote explosive arrow: Fire an arrow the detonate it later
Tranc Arrow: slows the monster and his attacks
Grapple arrow: Pulls hawkeye to the monster

Medic: Bruce Banner/Hulk
Radiation gun: Shoots clouds of radiation that damage monster overtime does more damage if still in the cloud
Healing dart gun: gives hit teamates health regen for short amounts of time
SMASH!!!: Turns into the Hulk and loses all his other abilities while in this form the only thing you can do is beat up the monster You turn back after an extended time without fighting the monster has passed (you cannot heal others in this form)

Leave feed back and what Other non evolve characters You want me to post in similar threads :3


I wonder if this tier is fake.


The monster better be Thor or I’m gonna be pissed off.


I wonder :wink:


Thor Is in fact monster for this tier.
Poor kraken and torvald :cry:


It’s Xino, surely it’s not fake. ^.-


I would say Thor would be a good medic, but he would probably be a Lazarus clone because he could zap people back to life, so I guess Bruce Banner would work better


I would never Lie
Trust me I’m a Scientist :wink:


Fixed that for ya :wink:


That too :wink: