The autoloss on disconnect is punishing to psn players


I was almost done winning a match, get booted because psn sucks! Then try to rejoin my team and come in as the monster right as they dome for the kill with 2 bars. Losses should only count if you leave. This ruins the leaderboard, and is beyond frustrating.

I get it was necessary to stop leaving people, but it needs some tweaks. Especially with how hit or miss psn has been.


Wait, you get losses for DC now? Since when? Leaving too?


Yep, since the patch happened.


I do feel like they should be able to tell if you click the “leave game” button as opposed to just disconnecting. But hopefuly this won’t affect you too much. Best advice: Just don’t worry about WLR. Its not that important.


Because unplugging from the net isn’t a thing. If they don’t count disconnects as losses too people just shut off their connection and the problem we had still exists


They can tell the difference between those 2. But they cannot tell the difference between a legit disconnect or disconnecting because someone pulls out their internet cable, turns off their router or disables wifi.

And if they allow some form of disconnecting without a loss, people will end up disconnecting from every match they are losing again.