The Art Of Evolve Book. U NEED TO SEE THIS PIC!

A trapper… Named Bacon… Wielding… A spatula…



Mother of god… the possibilities. I am definitely wanting this book for myself at this point.

But…I spent all my money on evolve image


And upon closer inspection it looks as though Hyde was some sort of Tracker-wolfman gorilla or something. Very interesting.

Post the load outs…please😢

One photo is probably ok, but just don’t post more.

Also…still waiting on my copy! tear

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Is it just me or does Brick (Assault near the right) look like Sasquatch with bug wings?

Kiko’s design looks cool… kinda like a Samurai.

Yeah I wasn’t gonna go on a posting spree lol. I jus wanted to post this one

If there is a page like this with monsters, can ye post that? :wink:

Not a single page, there’s a whole section of monster concepts, but mostly for the existing archetype monsters we know (Kraken, Goliath, Wraith). Most of those have already been posted in the Milestone thread.


it probably has all of the future content in it; lol.

thats why they dont want it posted en masse

It doesn’t. It only covers the base 3 monsters and the prototyping of Scorpid (who ended up as Goliath anyway).

The most ‘future’ content is potentially this single double page spread of the hunter sketches, but the book makes it clear that these are the artists having fun playing with the idea of hunters locked into ‘classes’ (which previously didn’t exist). This is just visual design and playing around to see what could happen… some of those ideas travelled into the existing hunters we have today. Perhaps some of the new hunters will come from these ideas too (a silhouette or a name), or perhaps they returned to the drawing board and made entirely new hunters.

EDIT - I should note that the book is awesome, even if it doesn’t cover future material. It’s really got lots of little notes discussing design choices, how things began to come together, it’s really interesting and a worthwhile purchase if you’re interested in the art and development.

oh. i’d laugh if they had the same two page spread of monsters

Looks like Bucket was originally a medic

Also in the book it gives an explanation of the technology tht is in each hunters weapons. Like where the tech came from and how its works. ITS AWESOME!!!

… Uhm, how about: Yes please!


Even MORE proof that Hyde is a werewolf confirmed! Just look at that prototype image!

Looks like a TrapperTaur, heh.

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Yeah that one caught my eye the most too, looks awesome!