The Art Of Evolve Book. U NEED TO SEE THIS PIC!


Please someone tell me if I shouldn’t have posted this and I will take it down asap. But these pages from the book are awesome! I don’t think we will have to worry about TRS running out of ideas!!!

The 4th trapper's Secret Identity
New Hunters from 'Art of Evolve'
Tier 4 hype!
What weapons/abilities/items would you like to see new Hunters have?

In before it gets taken down! I see daisy! I dont recognize anyone else though.


The book says: “Concept sketch of hunters with specific load outs”


Where’d you get the book?


I ordered it from Amazon. Got that trash overnighted lol. SO EXCITED. I recommend the book if ur REALLY into Evolve


Ordered it’ll be here tomorrow. I’m glad there’s no lack of ideas but we’ll only get more if the game and the DLC that follows sell like hotcakes.

On top of that I have a hard time seeing them explaining another 8 tiers of hunters lore-wise


Haha I just ordered it.



I got this, and I think that Wotan the support and Brick the assault are my favorites!


So, does that trapper have a bird or monkey? Also, any sign of the next DLC monsters?


I want to buy it, but Amazon doesn´t allow me to order it to my country yet :´(. I would like if there would be more hunters and monsters in a future (more than the 6 new hunters and 2 new monsters confiermed).


His name starts with a D!


Bird guys name is Dusty. No details in the picks, just shadows with some details




Wauw, can you imagine the game eventually having that many hunters? :open_mouth: Thought a lot of them look a like though.


Griffen used to be a robot that was also a Support!


all the supports there look like they just gave bucket a run for his robo-money


Wow, those look amazing. I hope some of those ideas come to fruition, because they are some incredibly cool looks.


There are a lot of robots ! But what are with those hazmat diving suit looking guys? Are they aliens that cant breathe oxygen? Are they a fish ?


More likely just a name swap to another hunter. I think this is just spitballing ideas and putting a name they find inspirational / relevant to it. You can see bucket as a medic here too, as a more ‘droidy’ kind of robot.