The anticipation


1 hour till work is over…the update was halfway done this morning when i left so I no tier 4 is waiting for me. the hype is too high

#I may just Roll over and Die.

time to show u all how to behemoth lol. ill post it on the new footage section most likely. but im pumped! Do YOU smmeeeellllll what the ROCK is cooking? got my new BBQ sauce here, it hits hard and supa spicy! I call it TIER FOUR. # behemothrocks.



So I take it you’re playing now?

The update took only 9 minutes for me.


Someone’s feeling the thunder.


Not everyone has internet faster than a bulletproof llama on fifty kilograms of pure caffeine, Shin.

We mortals have to wait for quite a while some times.


Does being bulletproof increase a llama’s speed?






yup im playing. i started out too strong 5-0 as behemoth. then i hit a good pre-made playing only tier 4. lossed with all monsters until i evolved my strat and started to beat them. tier 4 is a pain in the ass. no joke.


I’m slightly in love with Sunny for some reason. She’s too fun to play.


shes awesome haha. completed surpassed my expectation. but its crow…or gobi. u cant hide from it. GOBI SEES ALL


Gobi’s great. ^.^


:open_mouth: i haven’t even got a download prompt on PS4 guessing im going to have to start the game… which means firmware update the other day was a lie… now how to convince 2year old that i need to borrow the cartoons for 10mins.


gobi op. they need to blind the sneaking


That’s never going to happen. Then Crow would be a useless trapper. ^.-

He has to judge where you are. (Hunter using Gobi.)

You can counter Gobi, by starting the game with a straight path, turn left or right, and he wont see you at the start. Gobi goes straight forward, not too hard to counter.


Good luck! Remember to use liberal amounts of candy.