The Anime General thread


I’ve seen threads about Yuno Gasai, Attack on Titan, One Piece, Jojo, etc. Figured we may as well have one place anime fans can come together and discuss about it all. The Yuno Gasai thread was turning into this but that thread was primarily about her.

I’ll start off by saying I started watching anime about a month ago. Finished about 14 series so far with 90+ on my watch list. MyAnimeList is very helpful in that regard. Future Diary is my absolute favorite so far.

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There is actually an anime discussion thread from way back when. I don;t know if it is closed.


Crap. You are right. Sorry about making another thread.


It’s no problem. I would almost be more upset if you necro’d that thread.


whistles nonchalantly


Son, I am disappoint. Anyway @Sentry_Gun can close this thread now I suppose.

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Ok then :smile:

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