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So, I just finished watching some great anime series. My top 4 animes are as follows
1 Elfin Lied-great anime about a group of people who have these psychic hands that slaughter just about anything they touch. One of them escapes from a lab but suffers brain damage and gets amnesia/acts like a child. Great, dark, and sad anime series, and very short too.

2 Inuyasha- this was actually the anime series that got me into anime. About a schoolgirl who gets transported back to feudal Japan where demons run rampant. The story follows her and the friends she meets as they attempt to recover the shards of a supernatural gem that she accidentally shattered. Loved this series and have seen all but the last 12-13 episodes. Ran for 8 seasons so kind of long.

3 Berserk- Berserk follows the tale of two expert swordsmen who turn a ragtag group of bandits into the kings greatest military unit. The main character Guts (yes, Guts) wields a massive sword that is a big as he is. My only problem with this series is they only did one season, though the first episode shows scenes from a time much later in the series that never ended up getting made

4 Trigun- in my opinion the funniest on this list, this is the tale of Vash the Stampede who has a $$60 billion (pronounced as sixty billion double dollars) bounty on his head. He goes from one second appearing to be a clueless clutz one second to amazing bad a** the next. Though he’s caused unimaginable amounts of damage wherever he goes, he has vowed to never kill anyone

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Please tell me u finished reading the manga for berserk. It will change your life!.
Anyways heres mine
1: dbz 4 life. Nothing in america boosted anime to what it is like dbz did. It will always be my love.

2: rouroni kenshin: my name used to be ronin and this series was AMAZING. Also the manga finished the series .

3: yu yu hakusho: if only they finished this show. It was all kinds of awesome

Anime Thread

Elfin Lied: Was super eerie, and even though I finished it, it left me with a lot of questions. Super weird style, but still very good. Excellent story too.
Inuyasha: Was good, but the last episode kinda annoyed me. Because they didn’t really wrap the series up or anything, it was just like every other episode, haha. Still an amazing series though, and Miroku is probably my favorite because of his special wind tunnel hand.
Berserk: As @kyronr600 mentioned, literally HAS to be read. If you haven’t read all of the Manga yet, I would highly recommend you do and catch up with us. The story is unbelievable, and nobody has created anything like it. The manga is worlds deeper than the anime, but the anime is good too. He only releases like 1 chapter every 3 months though, so get comfortable and take your time.
Trigun: Was soooo awesome. The idea of a gunslinger was just so cool to me. I have watched this entire series probably 3 times throughout my life, twice while younger, and again recently about a year ago. Vash’s special ability was really cool too, who else could manage to poke a hole in the moon. :stuck_out_tongue:
DBZ: was also great, I love dragonball and dragonball z. Both are super long and have a ton of content. Which are all worth watching too, haha. Lots of filler, but also a lot of things get mentioned during the fillers. As well as character growth, so it doesn’t feel as filler’y as other show’s fillers.
Ruroni Kenshin: is for sure one of my favorites. Hes such a badass with his reverse blade sword, it just makes me giddy like a schoolgirl, haha. No matter what he comes up against, he takes it down. The second arc is a little boring though (after he kills the main enemy flame guy), and things slow down a lot.
Yu Yu Hakusho: Was super unique, with a great idea of the spirit world. I liked how they could travel between places, and certain people could develop special powers. Kurama was my favorite, and Hiei was also pretty cool. The whole series seemed kinda rushed, so I read the manga, and boy was I impressed. If you’ve only watched the anime, I’d recommend taking a look at the manga too. There’s some interesting ‘fights’ and things where they have to fight people other than demons, and they have their own special powers. And later on, iIt ends with him going to the demon world, and literally becoming a hardcore badass himself. Causing giant mile-sized destruction. And I don’t want to spoil anything, but Yusuke isn’t exactly what we all think he is. :wink:

Personal Favorites:

Code Geass: (And the second season, R2) This anime was hands down my favorite anime of all time. It’s a mecha anime where the main character gets the ability to control people’s minds. But here’s the catch, once he has controlled a person’s mind once, he can never control them again. So it’s a one use thing, but the potential is nearly limitless. It’s kinda like death note, but he has to be in contact with them. The first season is better than the second IMO. However, the ending of this anime in season two is like none other. They make the Anti-Hero look like the most heroic person you could ever imagine. He literally unites the world, despite appearing to everyone else as someone who is trying to rule and destroy the world. Seriously… Watch this anime
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (AKA: Gurren Lagann) Is a unique anime about a futuristic world where the humans have mostly receded into the earth and live underground. On the land are bandits and robbers who ride around in giant mech like objects. The main character is a young kid, a cute female gunner, and a guy with an interesting pair of glasses. Theres also a lot of other people who join in, and the group just keeps growing as time goes on.
Fullmetal Alchemist (Also FMA: Brotherhood is good too) is a pretty awesome anime, and theres a lot of episodes too (51 in total). Highly recommended for fans of fantasy and magic animes. The story follows ed and edward elric, two young boys who are in search of a stone called the Philosophers Stone. Which is said to be able to create something from nothing, through alchemy. Like Resurrection for example, which then leads things out of hand.

Special Mentions:

GANTZ - Super weird futuristic anime, where people are teleported into a game where they fight to survive. Lots of blood, gore, and potential nudity. Not intended for those under the age of 18. Things get GRAPHIC.
Death Note - Very good story. Interesting premise, and another Anti-Hero is picked as the main character. Surprising ending, and things don’t always go as planned. Lots of thrills and interesting scenarios. Kind of like a detective anime.
Pandora Hearts - Strange, but cool. Kinda like a recreation of Alice in Wonderland, but more like a separate universe. Things are different, and they have their own terminology for the monsters and things, as well as different ways of introducing characters, and different powers.
Sword Art Online - A cool anime about an MMO. Similar to .Hack// in that they are unable to log out of the game, but for different reasons than those in the dot hack series. If you die in the MMO, microchips in the headset people play on will fry your brain. So death in the game, equals death in real life. If they want to return to real life, they have to climb a 100 tower dungeon, and fight the boss on the final floor.


The best anime IMO are short, have no real filler, and have definite endings. You get a solid story with minimum BS, and it is simple. No super magic attacks, or heroes who get stronger each season and come back to life constantly and what not. Their short run means they don’t have to spread out a budget over tons of episodes, so the fights and moment to moment scenes are all beautifully crafted. Them having a definite beginning and ending allows them to shape their story with maximum care, they don’t have to come up with things to keep their series going, they just improve on what they already have laid out.

They all tend to have amazing sound tracks as well.

Can be humorous at times, but it also gets incredibly dark, deep, and existential a lot of times. It has a lot of heart and meaning, a must watch.

Badass Opening theme too:

Lupin III/Lupin III: The Tale of Fujiko Mine
Lupin III is a very old series that holds up surprisingly well, and it’s newest and probably sexiest chapter is centered around the love interest and rival thief that he always chases around the world.
He’s a French thief that seems to always have an answer for everything, and the show is usually very humorous.

The new chapter on Fujiko Mine however is a lot more serious, and is a great prequel that also introduces new characters. Very short but very memorable. GREAT music, Jazz and bebop, beautiful art style:

Casshern Sins

This anime will break you, you will cry, your heart will hurt, and you will love it.
The series starts two apocalypses in, and the once powerful robot overlords deteriorating from a disease like rust. Our hero is one of the last made robots, a perfect android immune to the rust that afflicts the rest of his people. He suffers from amnesia and is constantly hunted.
Looks a little “too much” at first, but it normalizes quite well. This stuff gets depressing and existential, as soon as episode 3.

Samurai Champloo

This anime will make you fall in love with it’s characters, and is very immersive. It perfectly blends jazz, hip-hop(mellow and classic, not like the stuff you hear on the radio, not generic rap), and feudal Japan. Two opposite Samurai and the girl they’re tasked with protecting go on a grand adventure.

You don’t have to like Hip-Hop to appreciate and opening of this caliber:

Cowboy Bebop

Just watch it, this is one of the most critically acclaimed animated shows ever, in the history of anything, anime or otherwise. Jazz, bebop, funk, set the tone for story telling in so many good Anime after it:

Big O

Probably the silliest on this list, but it has an ironically serious tone, good characters, and a protagonist who is basically Bruce Wayne with a giant Mech instead bat themed weaponry, a smug female android sidekick instead of Robin, and his own Alfred.

Also has a very romantic outro for some reason:


Oh but they did end it. They released the final act I believe it was last year where they end the show. Go check it out.
Also great lists everyone, I’ve seen many and one that I never liked but might have to try again was fma. Maybe I was too young when trying to watch it but it never grabbed me.
Cowboy bebop was good too but not super memorable.
Also one other I missed was ghost in shell. It’s about a futuristic swat ish team that goes after cyber terrorists


my god i love me some anime and Berserk,dbz,elfin lied where some of the best also cowboy bebop (you know this is the stairways to haven. “shut up you stupid toad” lol) Big-O, Trigun, Samurai Champloo, Death Note are all epic as well but i got some for this list
my favorite of all time (so sad they had to end it so soon) Guyver- the old school movies are still grate if corny but the anime was awesome

a truly classic was s-CRY-ed most people overlook this one but i recomend checking it out.

And last but not least the story was epic the fight where good and just was a amazing is Gungrave.

some others of mention is Vampire Hunter D, tenjou tenge, highschool of the dead, fairy tail.


omfg and how can i forget Hellsing both old and ultimate… and abridged


The ones I’m thinking of right now that I liked are ones that are not known as much as a series like “orange screaming ninja” I guess it’s because they have little to no action.

  1. Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin

A very nice anime about how 7 people start out in what feels like hell. The first half I felt was much better. The second half was alright.

  1. Kids on the Slope

An anime about jazz… in Japan. You don’t see that everyday. This anime was fun to watch.

The others are Ergo Proxy and Eureka Seven.


It might sound tired but, Im still a huge fan of FMA:Brotherhood(the newer version). I’m going through it with a buddy of mine who doesn’t do anime and it’s absorbed him completely. Also the dub is possibly the best one of any anime in my opinion, though then again, I don’t do dubs usually.

I’ve been watching a lot of the newer stuff but Kill La Kill has become an obsession of mine. I really like over the top, insane anime, so KLK was right up my alley. I will agree it does get fanservicey but it doesn’t really bother me. I have a big backlog between Gurren Lagann, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Danganronpa.

Elfen Lied was one of the first animes where I was like, holy crap, this is some serious stuff. I’ve never seen body horror so beautifully done and Lucy is still one of my favorite anime characters. Older animes that I still like are Big O, One Piece(though I am so far behind now), FLCL, Sailor Moon, NeoGeo, and Inuyasha.

Attack on Titan gets a mention solely because the manga is pretty fantastic and its probably the only manga I’ve ever read. The show is kind ehhh but it certainly is beautifully animated.


The reason I put Elfin Lied up top is because that was the first anime to really leave such powerful feelings in me. you really get attached to the characters and it’s so sad :cry:


Ah, how could I forget Cowboy Bebop, haha. Such an amazing anime, with clazzy jazz too. :wink: I loved the story, and they managed to make the world feel so huge. It did feel a little rushed towards the end, but still, definitely an anime worth watching.
Lupin the 3rd was pretty hilarious. But I was fairly young when it came out so a decent amount of the humor fell dry on me. Definitely a lot of sexual innuendo though, and lots of adult themes. Pretty funny plots, and even more funny ways that Lupin finds his way out of them. Plus, he’ll never be caught by that crappy detective who’s always on his tail. But he sure can try! :stuck_out_tongue:
Casshern sins was also pretty amazing. I loved the art style, I wish the show was longer though. Such a unique story, and you truly feel for Casshern. To have forgotten all of his memories, and then to be hunted relentlessly. People get so pissed that he is perfect when everyone else is rusting away. The poor guy has pretty much been condemned.
Samurai Champloo is pretty sweet too. I never fully finished it, but I used to watch it all the time. The samurai’s kick ass, and they’re a lot nicer than you first realize. And once they settle in with eachother, things start to get interesting too.

Ooo, thanks. I wasn’t aware they released an actual ending, haha. That’s good to know though, because the “ending” I saw, wasn’t anything I’d classify as an ending, lol. Naraku was still alive… Definitely going to take a look at these.

s-CRY-ed was pretty cool too. I think this was an anime that was often overlooked by people, and it didn’t seem very common. Definitely still worth checking out though. The idea of an “Alter” was pretty awesome. It was kinda like a japanese version of X-Men where only some people have powers, like mutants. But they get a lot more respect in s-CRY-ed than they did in X-Men, haha. Theres even an organization of “Alter” users who work together to stop criminals. (Which the main character gets marked as at one point too, believe it or not)

I loved FLCL, but I was pissed at how unbelievably short the anime was. It felt rushed to oblivion, which was so sad because it was so weird and interesting. I mean, who else puts a kid into an anime with a forehead that you can pull next to anything out of. Or a giant clothes iron! Sooo weird, hahaha.
One Piece was pretty good too, but I really didn’t like the american dubbed version. They replaced cigarette with chocolate sticks and things. The Americans totally neutered the show, haha. Def one you need to do the jap with eng subs for.

BTW: If anyone likes anime’s that are kind of mind-fucks…
Chaos;HEAd - Is a pretty unique one that is unlike any anime you’ve seen so far. It follows a gamer and anime lover who spends most of his day in his room. Then, when he joins an online chatroom and meets a weird guy who posts disturbing photographs. Later that day, while walking around town. He again sees the disturbing photographs, but this time, in real life… Things just keep getting weirder and weirder after this.
Also, Eureka Seven is a pretty weird futuristic sci-fi anime. Following mecha’s and special powers, and the main character is a total wimp at first, despite being the son of a world savior. But later on, things get intense, and the mecha he pilots is pretty powerful. Worth looking at if you like mecha anime’s.
Blue Gender - Also a very unique sci-fi anime. The earth has become overrun by an alien race, caused by the growth of a human virus. A giant shuttle is launched called Second Earth, and all of the surviving humans are sent to it. Also, the main character is what’s called a “sleeper”, and was put into stasis before the world was overrun. Meaning that he was found to have the virus that caused earth to get overrun. He was put into stasis so they could find a cure, but when he gets awakened, things aren’t as they seem.


If you ever watch Rainbow, I’d like to hear your opinions of character attachment in that show :smile:


Battle royale was quite the mind-fuck. that was insane lol.

Another one i was sad to see stop was Cyborg 009. idk how many of you saw this as it wasnt on for very long but it had a cool concept and neat characters.

its crazy because I was Anime-only up until the first arc of naruto. then all the fillers annoyed me so i read the manga. now im exclusively manga. I have read a TON. berserk alone was more than 50 volumes. So my anime game is not as great as it used to be. which is why i list alot of oldies but goodies. I tried watching attack on titan. didnt like it that much. Fairy tail anime was WAY too fast compared to the manga. Havnt seen kill la kill tho. looks kool tho


How long is it? I usually avoid longer animes because I just don’t have the time. Made time to watch Elfin Lied in 1 day and Berserk in 2. If it goes past 30 episodes, it starts to drag for me, with a few exceptions such as Inuyasha. I can’t usually stand anime that don’t end


If it was a reply to my post, it’s 26 episode long, but I only found the first half to be meaningful. Not sure what episode the second part starts, but when you see it, you’ll know lol

Also, if you like dubs more than subs, I’m sorry to say that it never got a dub for some reason :frowning:


Aww, that’s a bummer. Sounds like you don’t get as attached to the characters as some of us do. :open_mouth:
Bleach for example, has sooo many episodes that it gets to be epic. And after watching them, you feel the need to switch to the manga, which then has even MORE to the story. There’s so much more to get attached to. :stuck_out_tongue:


I liked Bleach from what I watched (quite a bit actually), it was another exception but I just can’t keep up lol. I guess I shouldn’t say Elfin was the first I really got attached to characters in, it was just the first to really affect me emotionally to the scale it did. I was depressed for like 3 days after watching that lol


thats how i was with One Piece. I was like ok kool ok kool until i got to the impel down arc. then i couldnt stop reading ALLL the way to the end of the pirate war (literally like 150 chapters) just to become depressed for like a week straight lol. but One Piece is ridiculously long and something even in anime would take awhile to get really into it.


Death Note. Death Note. Death Note. Death Note. And more Death Note.


So glad this thread exists! Nice to be able to share our interests in some animé, I’ve seen a whole plethora of them so this might be a long post so here goes!

I’ve been watching animé since I can remember, I actually started out with a few Gainax productions like Abenobashi Magical Shopping Arcade, I know I am actually a little late to the animé scene now but man, that is the most hilarious animé I have ever watched especially because of silly moments like this part:


Then after that I started to watch more animé from Gainax like Gurren Lagann which then turned out to be my actual favourite animé of all time! Everything about it was fantastic and that goes for the music, characters and pacing I reckon.

Then came FLCL which as @Omnipotent said it was VERY short like, six episodes? For that amount it would have been better off as just one movie but it was still very good! I like the fact how when I actually bought the DVD, all the episodes came on three separate discs, so that’s two episodes per disc!

Speaking of really weird ones though, has anyone seen the movie Dead Leaves? It’s probably the most insane animé film I have ever seen (well, apart from Akira) about these two people Pandy and Retro (who has a television for a head for some reason) who both wake up in the middle of nowhere with no memory of who they are, just start to go on a random crime spree for the heck of it and end up captured and taken to the space prison known as “Dead Leaves”.

I would try to explain more about it but I don’t think it can be explained! And this is made by the same director who did Gurren Lagann and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, which is another show that I can’t really explain that well due to it’s sheer insanity. Okay, has anyone ever watched the show “Drawn Together”? It’s like that only even more crazy, let’s just put it at that!

Anyway, I read some others here have also put FMA: Brotherhood in their lists and why not! It’s got to be one of my favourites, there’s always something going on in every episode to keep you watching and at the end of each, you’re always left thinking “WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN NEXT?”. I seriously stayed up one night watching through some episodes and kept on saying “Just one more after this.” but nope! I couldn’t stop watching, I HAD to know what was going to happen in the next episode. The characters were great too, I really got to enjoy each one, I don’t think there was a single character I disliked in the entire series. Even some of the bad guys like Envy and Solf J. Kimblee were the most awful people ever but I couldn’t hate them! And oh my gosh, how about those openings, right?

I really am a sucker for openings and endings in animé, especially most of the ones in Soul Eater, now I really loved that show too, especially it’s characters such as Lord Death who is basically the Grim Reaper himself who runs an academy for students that turn into weapons and their meisters who can wield them properly. They use these powers to reap souls from demons and eventually become “DeathScythes”, Lord Death’s weapon basically! The plot becomes a bit more sinister as it goes on but just like FMA: Brotherhood, you really want to know what happens next!

A really interesting animé to watch and hilarious to boot but the only problem it has is that it suffers from “Bones Fever” and what I mean by that is it’s by BONES, the studio who did the 2003 series of Fullmetal Alchemist (as well as Brotherhood later) and BONES are quite notorious for their animé adaptations of manga books and it turns out they don’t follow them closely, i.e. most scenes or characters from the manga won’t be included in the animé.

That being said though, BONES have pulled out some great shows recently such as Space Dandy which is just incredible, the humour and plot lines in each episode is such brilliance. In a nutshell, Space Dandy is Johnny Bravo in space, has some of the best characters ever and they’re only a handful of them in each episode. The best thing about this show though? It’s directed by Shinichirō Watanabe, the same guy who did Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, which I have yet to see but what I’ve read from others in this thread, it definitely sounds like checking out! Anyway, Space Dandy season 2 has just started so I’m gonna head and watch that after all this!

Recently, I’ve just finished watching some shorter animés such as RideBack and Deadman Wonderland.

RideBack is an interesting one, about this girl named Rin who was an upcoming ballet dancer who gets involved in a serious injury while dancing and quits afterwards but years later in college, she comes across a club building and soon finds herself intrigued by a transforming motorcycle-like robotic vehicle called a “Rideback”. She soon finds that her unique ballet skills make riding the machines incredibly well but eventually finds herself getting involved with fighting the Government. It’s pretty complex but it’s very well done for about twelve episodes!

And then Deadman Wonderland, one of the more brutal animés I’ve seen, about this kid called Ganta who has lived a normal life. This all changes when a strange person covered in blood and crimson armor floats through his classroom windows. Grinning madly, the ‘Red Man’ massacres Ganta’s entire class but instead of killing him, embeds a red crystal shard in Ganta’s chest. Within days of the massacre, Ganta is declared the sole suspect. Following a quick unfair trial, Ganta is sentenced to death and is incarcerated in Deadman Wonderland, a massive theme park-like prison.

It’s a very interesting animé to watch and VERY brutal indeed, there’s a lot of mystery behind it too but again this animé suffers from “Bones Fever” despite actually being a different studio this time! I watched the animé first (bad idea) and had no idea who most of the characters were because some of their backstories aren’t explained and a few characters are missing from the animé that were in the manga. Overall it was enjoyable! But just currently reading the manga so I can actually understand what happens a bit clearer, sadly the animé only lasted about 12 episodes too and just ends on a cliffhanger but luckily the manga has finished so I need to catch up!

And finally, (almost there!) I’m currently in the middle of watching about three separate animé shows at a time. Alternating between each one because I start one animé then I decide to go ahead and get the DVD of another one while still watching the previous one, it’s a hard process! Those ones I’m watching are Fairy Tail, Black Lagoon and Eden of the East. I’ll do a write up on those after I’ve actually finished them! I’ve also got Interstella 5555 to watch also, which combines two of the greatest things on Earth: Daft Punk and animé! Basically just an entire movie with no dialogue at all but instead it plays songs from the Daft Punk album “Discovery”, should be a fun watch!

I would also get started on talking about Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli films but I’ll save them for another post sometime! Hope that wasn’t too much! I do have more animé to talk about but those are just some of my favourite ones mentioned above! :thumbsup: