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Angry Joe is a very well known video game critic. He has some of the most brutally honest reviews that his particular is not known for. This post is to clear a few things up that he could not have possibly reviewed properly.

Firstly, the running around the map aimlessly is the part of the game that is controlled by the hunters. Sure if the monster is bad, you will surely catch it quickly. However, if the monster is good, he will juke you to the ends of the earth if you let him. The skill of the hunters determine the length of any given chase, as well as the success or failure of the chase.

Secondly, Joe’s complaints about the gameplay of evolve follow the general outlook of everyone who isn’t particularly good at this game. The amount of time it would take to become strategically good at this game is quite a bit of time. It’s most definitely longer than I would like to admit. That being said, he’s still not wrong about the repetition in the matches. This is still a skill problem in terms of the hunters.

Now for the dlc. This one is very simple. If you want it, buy it. It provides no strategic or tactical advantage whatsoever. Though the monster skins can be used as a sort of camo, none of it is necessary to enjoy the game to its fullest extent. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it. It’s just that simple.

As for the campaign, sure they could have put one in I think. But riddle me this, when would it ever be enough? You want all the personal stories of the characters and the monsters. They can not be summed up in a single mission. It would take an entire campaign to write these elaborate character’s stories. So as it stands it would take 12 to 15 campaigns to get everyone up to speed. It is not practical to do this because that would be way to costly and waste to much man hours to achieve effectively.

In summary, Angry Joe is 100% correct with his review from his pov. But perspective is relative to the skill of hunters and monster alike. I would not dare call this game noon friendly. The community will shun you faster than you can call in an orbital. Looking at you new hank players. You can agree with Joe because he is right. The game lacks content, drive, and story. But what he’s wrong about is that it’s your average game. This game will give you as much as you give it. With time, your experiences will get better if you’re willing to learn and practice.

Good day and happy hunting.


Since your the newest thread about this whole “Angry Joe” business I’ll just reply here but in reality it’s to all the threads/people afraid of Joe’s review.

Joe is a pleb. And he appeals to plebs. And I don’t necessarily mean that in a derogatory fashion but I do mean to call him out on his attitude.

I get it, his show is all about him being Angry. But you can be “angry” thematically for your show, without actually portraying true anger. For example, Yahtzee at The Escapist can portray angry/cynical without quite actually being angry. Sure he drops the F bomb a couple times, but you don’t ever get the sense he’s actually angry.

Watching AngryJoe, I get the feeling he doesn’t know how to portray cyncism mixed with humor, and to be perfectly honest…if all you know how to do is drop the F bomb in a 30 minute review to convey your feelings on something; you’re probably a college/high school drop out. Using foul language on a consistent basis is a sign of lack of intelligence because it shows that you don’t have any other way to actually describe your thoughts.

So to come full circle to my opening statement. Joe is a pleb, and he caters to plebs. He isn’t intelligent, and neither is his viewerbase that likes him. People who watch his show and take him seriously, are the same people who would fit into an “Idiocracy” world.


As I mentioned in another thread Joe presents a lot of inconsistencies when it comes to “reviewing” games. He focuses on one, or two problems and determines his conclusion from those problems. You say his review is 100% correct but a lot of what he talks about is actually incorrect. He gets a lot of basic game information wrong, which has mislead him to believe what he does.

It’s not my job to correct him and I have told him this via his Twitter already but when you make a review you make sure all your facts are correct and he simply rushed this one, while having his at times blinded opinion backed up by that really odd and at times delusional sponge who helps stream with him.

If you want a proper review then go find someone who presents his information correctly along with evidence instead of creating content meant for hate hype and comedy. That isn’t what a review is about. It is about helping the consumer make a properly assessed purchasing decision. Even Total Biscuit got one, or two things wrong but at the end of the day his opinion was a lot more open minded and mature than Joe of all people. Man I really hate where games media is going…


Man, there are a lot of big words in this thread.


Why make a new thread? There was one already made… Plz look at the new topics before spamming new


I had no interest in other topics because I wished to express my opinion on the matter. If you have nothing constructive to add then don’t reply. As what I’ve said, he is correct on everything from his point of view, granted his point of view is one of a newbie. That being said a more knowledgeable person playing this game knows he’s wrong. His review is skewed but it is in fact the experience every person will have picking up the game without prior knowledge of how to play.


Wouldn’t it make more sense to post your opinion in the thread already about angry joes review? A more accurate title for this thread is “dales opinion on AngryJoes review of evolve”. Seems sort of silly to devote an entire thread to one persons opinion on the subject of another thread doesn’t it?


Yea uhm… maybe these? (and stop replying folks, it just bumps this one…)


Not when other people use nothing but biased slander to degrade Joe’s name or uplift him in a awe inspiring fashion.


So go argue that in the other threads about Joe’s review. Me and most people here value your opinion but not enough to devote a whole to thread to it. I thought of another title for this thread “the all mighty dale speaks” :]


So why is everybody talking about this AngryJoe guy? I dont see any reason to talk about his review n shit - you got to admit that hes earning money for the stuff he does for sure and money will always control people so you dont even know exactly whats going on in the background.

if you want a review for a game, youd just go and check out streams of gameplay n stuff, if you are not sure whats about those DLC politics n stuff you ask some1 to explain that.

simple as that and once you think a game is fun to watch it probably is to play aswell. i prefer to watch people that do play the game and not talking about their personal likes/dislikes because im not that person, im different.

at that part watch the game, is it worth the money or is it not thats simply your decision. I can not understand why people dont get their own mind up on this and just walk like Zombies “wraaahahhhghghghgghh games so bad i havent played it but its bad whrahahghaghgahgahg Review said its bad so it must be wrahahghggh”.


That’s all fine if you believe that but a forum is a forum for this reason. If you don’t want to read another thread then don’t. I have the freedom say what I want, where I want just like you do. I respect that you feel that way but I’d like to keep this off topic discussion on topic. Please respect that.


Joe was right. it’s hard to accept as a Fanatic, I know, but he was right.


Oh brother you’re missing the point. There’s no good reason your original post couldn’t have been a reply in one of the many threads already devoted to this topic.


And there’s also no reason that you can’t stop replying. See? We’re both evil :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t call myself a fanatic but I am going to support this game, Turtle Rock, and 2K for as long as I can. Innovation should be encouraged. Was Joe right? Mostly, yes. Does that change anything for me in any way? Nope. I bought the game well after the flaws were already known and with the knowledge that I may be less than blown away by some aspects of it. I don’t care. This game is unique and it is fun. That, while seemingly a simple statement, put it head and shoulders above 95% of the offerings of the AAA market.

I want to see what TRS could do when their dev cycle isn’t rocked by their publisher going bankrupt. Evolve 2 will likely be a GOTY affair without that level of turmoil and uncertainty. It’s worth the money I spent now to see if that’s the case.


okay…i havent seen the review yet. ill watch it when i get back with dinner.

but from the stream of him i was watching before the review came out his opinion is only right coming from a view that wants evolve to be something its not.

evolve seems (other than a few bugs and balancing issues) to nail exactly everything it set out to do.

a lot of his other complaints are lack of understanding how to play the game properly.


Very well known? I don’t care to know some douche by the name of “angryjoe” LOL. Sounds like he needs a life.


well known, rarely correct. i guess that makes him infamous. Better to be wrong all the time and brain wash then teach others to form their own conclusions. Yea joe hasnt been right about most things hes said about any game.


I honestly stopped caring about it all.

Whatever happens, happens now. Nothing can make it worse now except maybe losing some more players over time.

No where to go now but up.