The Angry Birds Movie (new thread because no necromancy!)


So Sony/Rovio and whoever else is involved in making the Angry Birds movie came out with a new trailer:

Sucking still confirmed. I honestly don’t see anything new in this trailer that can save this movie.

You’re probably wondering why I keep posting about a movie that I know will blow chunks. It’s because it’s like watching a trainwreck - so awful to know it’s happening, of course, but at the same time beautiful in its destruction. I used to like the Angry Birds back when it was just a silly little $.99 game and its associated short Looney Toons-esque cartoons. Now that they’re trying to make a full-length movie, it’s like watching a black hole form as the matter comprising Angry Birds collapses in on itself.


Tbh they’re just capitalizing on a fan base of mainly younger children. But yeah, 99 percent sure this movie is gonna have no redeeming qualities.


Um well I don’t think it will be good. Any movie using pee jokes in a trailer is a bad sign. I don’t think it will be that bad. I feel it will just be a harmless movie that no one will care about. Come out parents will take kids and that will really be it I feel. I don’t think anyone will really talk about it.


Oh god, it looks… bad >_<


i’ll probably take my lil cousin to watch it though


just making a 30 minute Toons episode would be better tbh.


There were only 2 jokes warranting actual laughter–and not even that much of it–in the entire trailer. That’s not a good sign.


almost as bad as minions, but then again, death is also almost as bad as minions.


i enjoyed the “despicable me” movies, but minions…they’re better off being the minions. the short animations of them are fine, but a full length movie…


nothing is as terrible as minions. Well, other then Jar Jar, but that’s not the point.


i enjoyed jar jar the sith lord though…


that was a theory made by fans.


i’m aware of that…
still enjoyed jar jar though.


Ewoks and Jawas were cooler imo.


jawas, eh. ewoks. maybe. just because its funny to think of “teddy bears” attacking people…


Minions are the Jawa’s idiotic cousins, deciding to reveal their faces instead of keeping them under the hoods, so they also went into the nude.





I hope I’m not forced to go watch this.